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How to Make Your Corporate Holiday Party Stand Out

24 Oct 2022

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and you know what that means… corporate holiday parties are around the corner too (AKA our favorite time of the year)! Corporate parties are a great way to bring employees together, especially during the holidays. But how can you make your event special and something your employees will remember? We’ve got some ideas for you! Read on for our tips on how to host a corporate party for the books.

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Toast To The New Year! 

Corporate holiday parties don’t need to be boring, these are a great way to boost the morale of your employees and have them reflect on why they love working for you! Happy hours are always a fun way to get everyone together and for your employees to take a couple of hours to relax and mingle. To add a special touch to the event, have some custom coasters with your logo on them at the bar and placed around the venue. This will really make your event stand out because as we all know, every detail  counts!

Mix Up Your Corporate Holiday Party

Another fun twist on a happy hour is a cocktail-making competition. The company can provide the ingredients for cocktails (or mocktails) and everyone can make a batch of whatever tasty drink they can come up with. Let your creativity fly! Every employee can go around and taste each other’s drinks, vote on which one they think tasted the best, and the winner can take home a prize! A little friendly competition is a fun way to get everyone together and have your employees unwind. 

As the host, you’ll also need to have multiple cup sizes on hand depending on the beverage of choice being made. Use our custom frost flex cups as tasting cups and place your logo on each cup with our customizer! Everyone at the event can keep these and use them at home, as they are reusable and dishwasher safe (and this way they can rep their company at home)! This will make for a memorable, different corporate holiday party that we’re sure your employees will want to make a tradition.

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Feast with Your Office Friends

If you’re looking for a more casual work event, have an office potluck! Have each employee bring in a dish and have everyone in the office gather around and feast! This is a budget-friendly, simple option to put together for your corporate holiday party, and also an excuse for your employees to show off their cooking and baking skills! You could even make the potluck themed for an extra challenge! 

For this get-together, you’ll obviously need plenty of plates and napkins for all the snacking that’s going to happen. Luckily we have both of these and they can be fully customized to add your company logo, the date of the event, or a fun holiday design on them. This will add a special touch to your holiday party and employees will leave feeling happy (and full).

add your company logo to a napkin

Show Your Appreciation!

To really complete your corporate holiday party, whatever you choose for it to be, send home some goodies with your employees with our custom gift bags! You can fill these with goodies your employees will enjoy around the holidays, like a bottle of wine, gift cards, or a holiday candle (with some custom company matchboxes :) ).  This will show your appreciation for your employees' hard work and dedication! 


No matter how you decide to celebrate the holidays with your employees, we most importantly want you to have fun! Enjoy the time with others and celebrate the time being together. We hope this blog has inspired you to make this holiday season the most memorable one yet for yourself and all your employees. Tag us in all of your corporate holiday festivities @foryourparty!

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