How To Keep Your Wedding Budget Friendly AND Classy

4 Jun

Designing your dream wedding while staying on budget doesn’t have to be impossible. The terms “budget friendly” and “classy” are, in fact, not mutually exclusive when it comes to wedding planning! Now, it does take some savvy styling skills, but we have some suggestions for ways to save money on your wedding.

Wedding Day Top Priorities

As early as possible in your wedding planning (i.e. before you have a dozen different Pinterest inspiration boards), take some time to visualize what you consider the most important details of your wedding day. Maybe it’s a certain type of twinkle lights hung in the trees, that particular sentimental dessert served at the reception, or a special way that you want to honor your parents or grandparents. Search your heart for the special touches that mean the  most to you and you’ll be setting your internal compass to guide you as you are wedding planning.

custom designed wedding cocktail napkins used with copper cup

Use Minimalism To Your Advantage

Minimalism is certainly on trend right now, and with the right venue and simple décor, you can bring it into your wedding design, and probably save some money at the same time! Keep your wedding look clean and simple, with select strong décor details, and you’ll stay on budget much more easily.

custom designed menu and guest towel combination

Select Multi-Use Personalized Accessories

Reduce your personalized wedding accessory expenses by designing items that have more than one use. Print your wedding menu information on custom guest towels to be featured as an interesting napkin on your table settings. The shape and size of the guest towels is perfect for menu information, so it’s a genius way to get the most mileage out of your custom printed wedding napkins. Personalized wedding cups that can be used at the wedding and then also taken home as a wedding favor are a smart option as well!

custom designed cups for mixed metal wedding

Curate Your Affordable Décor

Once you have a vision for your wedding colors and theme, don’t be afraid to shop local flea markets or thrift shops to curate your wedding décor. It’s one of the easiest ways to save money on your wedding! Choose a colorway that gives you tons of creative freedom when shopping for candle sticks, lanterns and other tablescape items. Use an eclectic array of glass bottles for a cost-saving, but gorgeous addition to your wedding day design. So, put thrift store shopping on your wedding planning to-do list!

custom designed cocktail napkins for budget friendly and classy wedding

DIY What You Can

When you’re in the thick of wedding planning, DIY projects can feel daunting, but don’t let that spook you too much! DIY projects can be fun, and a great way to bring a personal, yet inexpensive, touch to your wedding day. We’re big fans of creating wine cork place card holders. It’s a simple DIY that delivers big results for a fabulous price point.

custom DIY cork place card holders

Be Strategic With Your Splurges

Staying on budget for your wedding doesn’t mean that you don’t get any splurges. It simply requires that your splurges be intentional and strategic. Opting for more greenery and less imported exotic flowers in your wedding design is a huge money saver, for example, but if there’s a certain flower that has significant meaning to you that you just must have on your wedding day, consider it splurge-worthy. Feature it in one or two prominent areas, and then let a more affordable greenery, like large palm branches, be the mainstay everywhere else.

Whatever your budget, don’t feel like you have to compromise on your classy wedding vision. Keep your priorities specific, and don’t let too much scrolling make you feel like you’re missing out. With a clear vision for what you DO want, a simple and budget-friendly wedding is totally possible!