How to Host the Cutest Afternoon Tea Party

20 Jun

Sometimes you just want to feel ~sophisticated~ and going to a tea party can do just that! But attending a high tea at a tea house can be quite… expensive. So why not throw your own? Invite some friends over and have a day to celebrate a birthday, a bridal shower, a new job, or  …well, anything you want! 

Of course, you’re going to need some classy accessories for the table, which is where we come in. Read on for tips and tricks to throw the cutest tea part-tea. (we think we’re kinda clever)

Tea Party set up on a table outside

Brew Up a Party to Remember!

First things first. In order for people to come to your tea party, you have to invite them! Why not do it in a stylish and elegant way? Send out our new arch invites to your fellow tea party goers and make your party stand out right from the start! Let your guests know what you’re celebrating, where the event will be, what time, and more... all in an adorable fashion of course!

Close up of pink Arch Invite that says Bridal Shower in honor of Dianne

Pinkies Up

Now let’s focus on the main event, the tea! The ultimate essential for an afternoon tea party. I mean it’s in the name after all. For Your Party has the cutest tea favors that are customizable to you and whatever you may be celebrating! From birthdays to I do’s, we’ve got it all! And if we don’t… well, that’s when you can create your own! Use the FYP Customizer to pick the color, text, art, and even the flavor of tea that goes on your tea favors to make them personal to you!

Teacup filled with tea with a stir stick laying across the tea cup. Two tea favors sitting next to the cup

Add Unique Details

Need to stir in honey, sugar, or milk into your tea? Try using our stir sticks adorned with flowers, tea cups, or whatever you choose! These would look simply darling on the table and can be multi-purposeful as well! Use them as skewers for appetizers and small bites to add some personal style to your hors d'oeuvres. They are also a great way to keep track of which drink is yours!

Floral Stir Stick laying across a cocktail glass

Send Guests Home With a Sweet (and Custom) Treat!

Need to send your guests home with some leftovers? Our custom cake boxes and goodie bags are the perfect size for a slice of cake or some extra cheese and crackers! This will make clean-up easier for you, and your guests will have a snack for later. They’ll thank you for it later… trust us.

Table with tea cup and teapot along with a cake box and cookie bag with macarons surrounding it

A Quali-tea Event

We hope our tips and tricks will help make your next tea party the best one yet. Try them out and tag us in your pictures from your next tea party @foryourparty. We can’t wait to see all of your lovely tea parties and how you make them unique to you! 

Thanks for following along, and as always we’re so glad we get to be a part of every event in your lives!

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