How To: Host + Attend Thanksgiving Gatherings in 2020

21 Oct

Written by: Rachel Rosenberg
Undoubtedly, just like most events throughout this year, our holiday season is set to look a lot different for many of us due to “bad” personified, COVID-19. For millions, immediate and beloved family members may not live in the same state, creating a distance that many have never felt during the holidays. If we’ve just described you, please do not resolve to spending Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter, alone!


Here to keep the season merry and bright, we’ve come up with our very favorite pieces of decor for you to personalize based on who you’re entertaining. Not hosting this year? We’ve also got the invitees covered with suggestions for easy hostess gifting, based by price, to showcase your appreciation for the company on days that arrive only once a year. All hosts will be getting holiday accessory recommendations, all attendees will receive ideas for gifts by price, and of course, the ultra-appreciated present sent from afar! ‘Tis the season and COVID’s the reason – let’s get ready for the month ahead!

Guest hand towels, cocktail napkins, 30-strikes, all belong at the table!

Hosting A Friendsgiving

We’re all familiar with the term “Friendsgiving” and here at For Your Party, there’s no get together quite like it. During a time you’d usually be on your best behavior for your family or distant relatives, you’ve swapped out the manners for a quality time with your closest friends. This year, be on the lookout and be ready to extend invitations out to friends as we inch closer to November - don’t let acquaintances feast alone, especially if every guest is sporting a beautiful face mask! It’s a party full of your finest friends so we suggest customizing the For Your Party options that make you smile, maybe a bit bold? Woes of 2020? Time to put them aside for a bit!

Grab a Autumn-hued orange disposable mask for your crew to get super festive!
Keeping Your Turkey Day Decor FUN!

Remind your crew where they're at; a gathering of all of their favorite people! A few laughs, a couple of drinks, and plenty to eat? Sweatpants are on call for tomorrow for all considering a Friendsgiving and we love that. This calls for seasonal masks with cute phrases or inside jokes, cocktail napkins ready to shine, and guest hand towels for the powder room! Again, it's all about safety, and disposable hand towels are far more hygienic than the Terry washcloths most of us have on deck!

Take a song and make it fabulous by incorporating the Season's most glorious sauce!

Hosting Traditional Family & Relatives


If you’ve got a far more traditional crowd headed to your casa for the holidays this year, let’s class your place up with some classic Turkey Day decor to impress for far less than you’d expect. Prepare yourself for those in-laws you could never quite get to warm up to you to be complimenting you on your Thanksgiving extravaganza. We absolutely recommend our fill-in coasters if your particular crowd is a bit stiff - these are great conversation starters!

Leaving these on the table at every seat will allow your guests to fill these in! A great conversation about blessings may begin!
Sticking to the Classic Seasonal Decor! 

Welcome in any of our accessories into your home for the holidays, especially if you're looking to provide some welcomed shock and awe this year! If you're grabbing napkins, make sure they're linen-like! That added bit of textured luxury ushers in the ultimate "Wow, they really have this all together!" vibe. This includes guest hand towels, especially in our Herringbone pattern; a guaranteed crowd pleaser and an incalculable upgrade based on look and feel. Your in-laws will hardly believe their eyes! 

Herringbone in the restroom? This acorn graphic + texture paints the picture of the luxurious beverage and foods they're about to consume.

Just You & Your Significant Other


While it’s quite possible that the magic of all of this added time spent together has slowly turned into slight annoyances, let’s start the holiday season right for you and your partner! Just because you’ve been quarantining with each other for months now does not mean your seasonal celebrations have to be anything less than special! In fact, these adorable Thanksgiving additions are screaming for a couple’s night in!

The pumpkin of your pie?! If you're SO doesn't think that is the cutest phraseology, they're wrong!
Let's Keep Thanksgiving Calm-Yet-Romantic!

As For Your Party is one of the leading decor creators for weddings worldwide, it's no surprise that we can make your Thanksgiving full of romance as well! All it takes is keeping your accessories couple-centric! This includes disposable face masks with initials + wreaths, family hand sanitizer in full colors, and definitely some matches to light all of your favorite candles. Just add some turkey, mulled wine and mashed potatoes, and suddenly, you've got the most romantic night of the year! Couples who holiday together, stay together! 

9oz Frost Flex cups with your Leafy Monogram to match the season!

Attending a Friendsgiving


When picturing a friend or acquaintance and gift giving, there is absolutely an amount of money that comes to mind in terms of comfortability. Best friends certainly may be worthy of a larger gift, while the friend-of-a-friend may be receiving something a little less extravagant. We understand this phenomenon well and have a great amount of perfect tokens of appreciation at tons of price points, satisfying every recipient on your list. Listed below are our higher-end options and we will provide additional recommendations that are easy on the wallet. As a guest in 2020, let's all do our best! Bring your smiling face, your favorite outfit, and a lil' something something for the host! 

A deluxe Good Vibes Powder Room set includes: guest hand towels, a candle, an elegant towel tray, and candle matches!

Attending a Family Gathering 


Our thoughts on gift-giving, even to immediate + extended family, are similar to our thoughts on purchasing for friends and acquaintances. Please spend only the money you are comfortable spending! We recommend when present-picking this year that you consider the gift’s usefulness in the recipients everyday, quarantined life. Think custom journals, kitchenware, and anything to make their house a bit more like a home! While it's not an obligation, showing up to your family's abode with a gift in hand is just further proof that you are deserving of your spot as family favorite. Favorites in the family make their mark during the holidays - it's time for you to be the ultimate guest! As you know, we are the experts of providing options - don't forget to check out our Gifts & Entertaining section! 

Bring them a piece of home that can stay in their kitchen with our state-shaped cutting boards!

Sending Seasonal Love From Afar


Ah, so you must be the family and friend favorite of the group! If you’re considering sending out little season greetings, your heart and spirit are beyond admirable and we have some ultra-fabulous ideas for you. While we are being discouraged from travel this year, let’s ensure that everyone that you wanted to see, but could not, remembers just how special they are to you! Simply add an envelope to send the secrets of your infamous holiday dishes to your loved ones! If you’re not going to be blessing the table with their crowd favorite, the very least you can do is tell them exactly how to replicate it! Other amazing options could include any of our party-ready Grab-N-Go items, that include pre-packaged, already picturesque accessories for their home. 

For those of us who get compliments on that ONE amazing dish we serve, provide the recipe to your fans!
Send Your Loved Ones Some Warmth This Season!

Keep the remainder of their 2020 comforting and warm with a steaming cup of tea. There’s even tea choices if you know your crew has preferences! You’ll be choosing between: Lemon Ginger, Fusion Green & White, Chai White, Double Bergamot Earl Grey, and Double Spice Chai. Cuddled up for the rest of 2020 with some tea, wrapped in a fabulously fluffy blanket, surrounded by wooden-wick candles, that is where we’d like to be. Create an experience for others that you'd love for yourself this year! That's what the holiday season is all about, right? CHEERS!

Sending these tea favors means you'll have a drinker on the receiving end, very thankful!