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How to Choose Facts for Your Fun Fact Wedding Napkins

31 Jul 2018

Fun fact themed cocktail napkins make super adorable wedding napkins. Interesting and a ultra personal, they are a neat way to share details of your love story with your guests. They came to support you and your union, so get them talking with a little insight to your life together. But what qualifies as a “fun fact”? Don’t worry, ForYourParty is here to help! Here is some advice from our staff on how to choose the right facts for your wedding cocktail napkins.

fun fact wedding cocktail napkins

1. Ask yourself, is this fun?

Picture you and your SO being interviewed on Late Night talk show. Are you really going to talk about how you both owned cats growing up? Or will you talk about how you both failed your driver test...twice! Test out some facts on your friends or pay attention to what stories you tell when you’re together. You’re bound to find some bit of trivia or interesting story that is specific to you as a couple and exciting to share with others.

2. The more obscure the fact, the more fun it is!

Don’t be afraid to get weird with it! Random coincidences you both share, or something strange about the circumstances of your first date, the more unique the fact the better!

fun fact napkins for your wedding

3. Keep it short!

If it takes you more than a couple sentences to get to the punchline...cut it. Shorter sentences are more likely to attract attention and get your guest talking.

4. Use a touch of humor

People love when you show personality! So making your fun fact silly and cute will be sure to entertain your guests, not to mention show off your unique taste. If you are both fun and quirky people, let that side of you shine through on these napkins.

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5. At a loss for ideas? Here are some of our past favorites:

“This is the second best day of Sarah’s life. The first was when she beat Randy in bowling.”

“Both Amy and Josh love the San Francisco Giants. If you’re a Dodgers fan, you can leave now. (Except you, Uncle John).”

“This is truly a special day. Not only is it Zach and Carrie’s wedding day, but it is both of their parents’ anniversary!”

“When Cammie and Tom lived in LA, their best celebrity sighting was an Olsen twin at LAX.”

“‘I met a guy, but I’ll never see him again—Joven’s famous last words.”

“Current record for # of dogs sleeping at our house in one night: 15”

“We are both Leo’s and the babies of our families. Making decisions is very hard for us!”

“We have the names of our next four dogs already decided.”

6. Try Game Napkins Instead!

If you’re just not thinking of "fun enough" facts, maybe try our game cocktail napkins. Two truths and a lie or who is most likely to are games that will engage your guests. You can use the napkin to share the recipe of your signature cocktail or even list the passed appetizers served at your cocktail hour. And, of course, a monogrammed wedding napkin is always a good choice. Creative or classic, you and your guests will love the personalized detail that custom wedding napkins bring to your special day.

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fun fact wedding cocktail napkins
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