How to be a Great Groomsman

23 Jul
groomsman helping the groom with lapel

If you've been given the honor of being asked to be a groomsman, congratulations! In this important role, there’s a lot you can do to help make sure your friend’s or family’s wedding proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Help Plan the Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is pretty much a guarantee, and a super fun event to celebrate the groom’s upcoming “I do.” To make sure that you're sending him off in the best way possible, you can help plan the bachelor party. Because you likely know the groom quite well, you're privy to information about their likes and dislikes that will lend to some expert party planning. 

Generally, the best man takes on the majority of the party planning duties. However, you can help out by offering ideas and even your service. If you have a large car that can fit a few guys in it, offer yourself as a designated driver. Or, take the responsibility of being sure an Uber has been called at the end of the night ;) 

You could even plan a surprise bachelor party! Make it personal for the groom and plan something you know he'll truly enjoy. A bachelor party doesn't always have to be about bars and strip clubs. Perhaps they've always wanted to go zip lining or hiking or even just visit a nearby amusement park. We hear brewery tours and even sailing trips are fantastic bachelor party ideas!

Be Inclusive

Unless your groom is having a particularly small wedding, you can be sure there’s going to be quite a few other groomsmen with you. While there may be some tension between old friends and new friends, relatives, and soon-to-be-relatives, you have an opportunity here. Everyone is there for a single purpose—to support the groom. You can use that to bring everyone together and set those tensions aside.

A great groomsman makes everyone feel included and connected to the groom and the other groomsmen. You can easily do this by making sure everyone is given a task when it comes to planning the bachelor party or preparing for the ceremony. The job of the groomsmen is to make the groom's life easier. There are plenty of jobs available to assist with that, so why not be sure that everyone is involved!?

Offer A Rehearsal Dinner Speech 

While the best man usually gives a speech at a wedding, you can take the floor at the rehearsal dinner. If you have something special that you want to say to the groom or bride, then this is your chance to say it. You won't be stealing attention from the best man at the wedding but you’ll still have the chance to be authentic and sincere in your support.

When it comes to your speech, do your best to make it short and concise. Rehearsal dinners are often done during a time when people are still preparing for the ceremony and have other responsibilities to attend to. While the groom and bride may appreciate your words, you don't want to keep them from doing other important tasks, too. 

Be Available to Help Out

We know, weddings are fun! But don’t forget, the free booze and dancing is not the point of the day. Most grooms and their groomsmen spend a pretty relaxing day waiting for the celebrations to start. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be called on to step in and run a couple of last minute errands. From picking up boutineers to delivering ice to adjusting the groom’s tie before he heads down the aisle—you’re there to support your friend and his family, however that may be!

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Guest post by Emelina Vigier