How to Barbeque for the 4th of July

18 Jun

You’ve sent out the invites, stocked up on fireworks and picked out the perfect patriotic, borderline cheesy outfit. Be sure you’re 4th of July ready with these simple barbeque tips!

How to Barbeque for the 4th of July

1 - First things first. Decide what you’re going to eat! A Fourth of July menu should certainly include something to barbeque on the grill, be it burgers, hot dogs, ribs and even corn! Veggies on the grill are a super delicious way to slide some nutrition into your festivities. List in hand, make a grocery run to pick up the food a day or two before the party. Be prepared for lines!

Another detail to work through a few weeks in advance is all of your personalized party supplies. Fourth of July themed napkins, cups and coasters not only fulfill the need for party supplies, they also contribute to the look and feel of the event in a super fun way.

4th of july napkins and coasters

2 - Enlist your grill master (if that’s not you). Whoever holds this esteemed party position is able to juggle small talk, a cold drink and perfectly timed grilling at the same time. Choose wisely.

4th of july cookout

3 - Grilled food is meant to be eaten hot off the grill, so be sure all your drink and sides are prepped before you turn up the heat. With enough hands on deck, you can finish last-minute details while the grill is also running, but be sure to have the majority dishes ready to roll.

4th of july party drinks

4 - Grill time, party time! Remember how the grill master is a great multi-tasker? This is because a backyard barbeque party is meant to include the grilling as part of the action. You may even find a group standing around the grill area chatting—normal and encouraged!

5 - Of course, not everyone should be crowding the grill. Be sure to have a seating area for chatting and even a few activities like lawn games available for guests, kids and adults alike. Corn hole is always a big favorite! If you are expecting a lot of kids in attendance, a fun 4th of July craft is a great idea as well. A simple kids activity like tieing patriotic ribbons to a little wooden pole to make streamer sticks is a win-win. The fun is in the making, as well as in the using!

4th of july party activities

6 - Finally, it’s time you take your main event off the grill and all sit down to celebrate the 4th in true American fashion. Gather ‘round with friends and family and raise a glass to those who fought for our nation’s freedom all those years ago—and another to those who have worked to preserve it since!