Hometown Love Story

20 Sep

From FYP Designer, Jenna—

'Tis the season for love, laughter and happily ever after! Wedding season is a great time of year to reconnect with friends and family while celebrating the ones you love and care for.  Fancy dresses, ties, high heels and smiles fill the room while the bride and groom’s closest friends and family witness the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife—who doesn’t love to be a part of this? I road tripped it up to my home state of Wisconsin multiple times this summer to take part in the celebration of a few of my friends tying the knot to their significant others.

Rustic Wedding DIY Guestbook

I grew up with both the bride and groom in this wedding. The groom, Mac, lived at the other end of our alley; and the bride, Abby, and I share many memories playing volleyball, basketball and softball together. Growing up with and witnessing your friends mature into adulthood and begin a family together is a really special part of life.

Ring Bearer Outfit

Mac and Abby kept things simple but trendy for their wedding. For starters, Abby altered her own sister/matron of honor Betsy’s wedding dress for the big day. How special for Betsy to be able to contribute to her sister’s wedding in such a personal and unique way—while helping the bride save a little money!? Abby’s nephew was the cutest mini ring bearer—isn’t he adorable!?

White and Mint Wedding Cake

This gorgeous cake was made by a bridesmaid’s sister!

Succulent centerpieces with personalized cocktail napkin

For decor, Abby used our personalized Cocktail Napkins on her dinner tables, as well as on the cake and snack tables—they added the perfect pop of color to the decor.

Succulent wedding favors

Succulents have become a favorite, not only among plant lovers who aren’t such good plant mothers but as an earthy, trendy decor. Abby used terrariums for her centerpieces and mini potted succulents as wedding favors for her guests to take home and enjoy. 

Personalized Wedding Napkin with succulent favor
Custom coasters for wedding bar

The bar was lined with custom Round Coasters that sparkled with a foil stamped message in our Shiny 18kt. Gold Foil—a ForYourParty favorite. All these personal touches to the theme and decor add an extra glow to the big day—and who wouldn’t want to see their names shining together on their wedding day?

Summer Rustic Wedding Field Pose

Abby and Mac had a marvelous day and wanted to share a few words with our FYP bloggers: Abby’s advice for future brides is to not get caught up in getting things done and just enjoy every moment. She said, “Your big day can get stressful with all the planning and details, but have fun with it, and enjoy the time with your bridesmaids and family planning.” Mac wanted to tell all the future grooms out there to enjoy the day because the next thing you know you’re on the dance floor and your groomsmen are hitting on your sisters and cousins—thanks, Mac.

Congrats on your hometown love story, Abby and Mac!

Rustic wedding photo booth