Graduation Party Ideas They Haven’t Seen

7 May

Graduation season is quickly approaching, and if you have a grad to celebrate this spring, you’ll want to check out these ideas to make the party extra special. It’s such an important life moment for your graduate, so make sure your graduation party includes a theme or special touch that highlights what makes your grad unique.

Popsicle Graduation Party Ideas

Want to beat the heat of graduation season with a playful theme? Host a popsicle graduation party! Popsicles are a refreshing way to stay cool, and with a little ingenuity, you can offer some truly unique flavor options. Whether you make your own blackberry lime popsicles or find a local paleta business to partner with, your guests will be sure to enjoy them! For a little something special for the grown-ups, add a salted margarita cream pop, a bourbon butterscotch latte pop, or even a classic gin and tonic popsicle to your bar offerings. Of course, popsicles can get a little melty, so you’ll want to have plenty of napkins on hand. Add to your party theme and feature your grad in every detail with custom printed party napkins!

graduation party popsicles and custom printed graduation napkins

Wildflower Graduation Party Theme

Is your graduate a free spirit at heart? A wildflower theme is the perfect vibe! It’s a party theme that isn’t limited by your graduate’s age, can be customized endlessly and it celebrates your grad’s zest for the unconventional in a heartfelt way. String twinkle lights and gather bouquets, or better yet, potted plants for lovely, earthy decor. Set up a fun drink station with an herbal or flowery twist on an Italian soda station. Mint or hibiscus sodas will be a delicious and memorable way to extend your party theme down to the drink. You can even provide personalized graduation cups with your boho, wildflower theme. For wildflower themed party favors, offer a potting station and plenty of seeds so that your guests can take home their own mini wildflower garden to enjoy all summer!

graduation party cups
graduation party favor

Beyond the overall theme of your graduation party, there are other details you can work into any look and feel for a nice touch every graduate will appreciate. 

Keys to Success Graduation Party Activity

Graduations are a major life milestone, be it college, high school or even kindergarten! Give your graduate a keepsake to look back on in the days to come by setting up a “Keys To Success” station. Collect dozens of old keys (the older looking the better) and attach a gift tag to each key. Take advantage of all of the wisdom and experienced gathered to celebrate your graduate and invite your party guests to take a moment to offer advice or encouragement for your graduate as they close a major chapter of schooling and embark on the next chapter of life. After the party, collect the keys for your graduate to have a tangible collection of “keys to success” to help guide them as the journey through life. Frame them in a shadow box or fashion an interesting wall hanging with wire to turn this sentimental party activity into room (or dorm!) decor.

Floating Photo Display for your Graduation Party Dècor

Want to display photos but looking to do something a little different? Print pictures of your grad from throughout their life onto sturdy cardstock, and hang the photos from helium-filled balloons. Your party guests will enjoy the photos as the balloons casually float through your party. If your graduate is off to college or a new town for work, make sure to include photos of them at their college visit or sightseeing in their new city. With a few dozen balloons, you have a moving photo display!

Map of Friends for a Graduation Party Activity

Is your graduate heading off to college far from home? Display a corkboard map at your graduation party and have your grad’s peers put a labeled map flag where they are going to school. Invite guests to also add their alma maters and soon you have a great conversation starter, room decor, and meaningful reminder of the network of friends and family that joined in celebrating your graduate’s accomplishment.

graduation party ideas



Margarita Popsicle image by Host The Toast
Gin and Tonic Popsicle image by Natalie Jacob c/o A Beautiful Mess
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Balloons and Pictures image by Troy Grover Photographers c/o Wedding Chicks
Keys to Success image by Celebrations at Home Blog