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22 Feb

30+ Best Holiday Face Masks to Keep Your Family Safe

December 8, 2020

FYP Product: "Nice" 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask
If you're on the hunt for disposable face masks, these surgical-style masks are fully customizable, from colors to foil lettering style as well. 

Fabulously cheeky holiday face masks!

25 Best Wedding Masks in 2021 for the Entire Party

February 18, 2021

FYP Products: 3-ply Disposable Face Masks

These face coverings may lower COVID-19 risks while managing to stay true to a formal dress code. Buy more than one! Weddings, even now, are meant to be enjoyed over many hours (and prepped for the entire day, right?). Your wedding party will likely need to be wearing masks all day, and will need to take breaks in private spaces to swap out any mask that may be soaked through due to condensation. we've done the hard work for you in selecting unique face masks that are beautifully designed for your special occasion, using proper techniques and proper materials. If you're looking for a surgical-style option, why not try a customized option? You can select a message, color scheme, and a finish for all of these disposable masks. You'll also be able to manipulate the earloops for a tight, seamless fit.


The Best Wedding Masks for 2021