Glitter Macarons DIY

23 Aug

What’s better than a spread of gorgeous and delicious macarons? Hand painted, glitter macarons, of course! This easy DIY is the perfect project for your next event. From baby showers to wedding receptions, macarons don’t discriminate! They play nicely with all types of events, from formal to laid back.

glitter macarons from simple DIY project

Glitter Macaron DIY Instructions: 


  1. Gather supplies: macarons, 2 bowl, a few clean paint brushes,1  fine sieve colander, glitter dust powder (in colors of your choice) and vodka.

  2. In one bowl, add a splash of vodka

  3. In the other bowl, place the macaron

  4. Dip a paintbrush in vodka, and paint swirls or messy lines onto the macaron

  5. Before the vodka dries, using the fine sieve colander, sprinkle glitter dust powder over the macaron

  6. Repeat with different colors or designs until you have an ample stack of hand painted glitter macarons!

  7. Give yourself all the credit for a fabulous, yet oh so easy upgrade to your desert table — glitter macarons!

images for step by step DIY instructions for glitter macarons