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Game Napkins: The New Party Must Have

17 Aug 2022

We’ve done it. We’ve mixed the necessity of napkins during your wedding’s cocktail hour with personalized games for your guests to play while chit-chatting. Meet our game napkins. Perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries- you name it, you can game it.

That’s right, we’re bringing a little friendly competition to your special day. It’s all in good fun! Game napkins will keep your friends and family on their toes with this interactive twist on a wedding decor classic. What game, you ask? The possibilities are endless!

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Who’s Most Likely

Let’s start on easy mode before we jump to the final boss. If you’re looking for something simple but still interactive, we suggest an easy game. For the Who’s Most Likely game napkin, you can simply pick 3-5 things the bride and groom are known for (or any couple stereotypes!), accompanied by blank spaces for your guests to choose their fighter. This game is easy to understand and quick to play, and leaves a lot of room for banter. After all, no game is complete without some lighthearted smack-talking. For ideas, take some inspo from our game napkin below!

who's most likely to game napkin

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Fill In The Blanks

On to Level 2! This game napkin idea is easy to execute, but will be a little more involved for your guests to complete. For this one, we might recommend a thicker napkin material such as our linen like napkins to accommodate longer words and phrases. For this game napkin, the concept is Fill in the Blanks. You can adapt this to be romantic, funny, or even sentimental. Simply choose open-ended topics for your guests to fill in with their own answer: for example, have your guests suggest a honeymoon location, recommend a date spot, or guess the couple’s future dog or baby name.
This game napkin idea is great for wedding guests who are prone to become a little too competitive, since there’s no winners or losers here! And if there’s kids at the wedding, you’re sure to get some truly hilarious answers.

fill in the blanks game napkin

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Guess The Guest

Another not-so-competitive but still super fun game napkin idea is Guess the Guest. It’s your special day, so you can grant yourself immunity with this one. Go ahead, turn the tables on your guests and take this opportunity to call them out! This game napkin is best for smaller or family-only weddings, where everyone will be familiar with each other to catch the jokes. For this game napkin, take the same guidelines as our Who’s Most Likely idea, but instead make each bullet point about a different guest. Keep the teasing light if you know your friends and fam can’t take the heat!

guess the guest game napkin

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Would You Rather

Ok, now we’re getting into Hard Mode with our Would You Rather Game Napkin. This next idea is a little more complex to create, but has great potential for some serious competition. Tears may be shed, friendships may be irreparably damaged. Just kidding! But do be prepared for disputes with this game napkin, since these may be open to interpretation. The concept is “Would the (Bride/Groom) Rather?” and the name of the game is to really know the bride or groom well! For this game napkin, think of four sets of similar things that your bride or groom loves. For example, would she rather sip a seltzer, or is she a die-hard beer gal who wouldn’t be caught dead with a White Claw? Guests can check the box corresponding to their answer choice, and let the chaos–I mean, fun–begin! This game would be perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

would you rather game napkin

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Wedding Day Bingo

This one here is the final boss. The Bridal Shower Bingo Napkin is definitely for the more advanced gamers out there–we recommend some additional organization and prep for this one. The concept behind this napkin is a well known classic–bingo! As with regular bingo, you’ll need bingo chips as well as your writing instrument of choice. Have your guests fill in the blanks with common wedding tropes or gifts they expect the bride to get at their shower. Alternatively, you could pre-fill the bingo squares on this game napkin with printed words if you want to keep it simple for your guests. 

There’s a lot of themes to work with for your bingo words: wedding attire such as “blue suit” or “novelty bow tie,” predictable wedding guest behavior such as “doing the robot” or “had too many drinks,” and so on.  It all depends on how involved you want to get, so this one is great for the couple who loves to organize a board game night!

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Fun Fact Napkins

Of course, there’s no shame in sticking to the classics! If you want something more interactive but don’t want to have pens and permanent markers running amok, Fun Fact napkins are the way to go.

No matter what game napkin you chose, this memorable party favor is definitely going to be a detail to remember on your special day.

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