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FYP Trend Watch: Micro Receptions

27 Aug 2020

As the world continues to contend with the pandemic, more and more engaged couples are faced with updating their wedding plans to comply with local public health guidelines. While some areas are in the process of phased reopening, the days of weddings with over 100 guests still seem far away. Couples are responding to these restrictions in various ways: everything from postponing to eloping, and many creative solutions in between. One trend that we really love is the micro-receptions concept!

for wedding receptions during a pandemic, some couples are turning to micro-receptions

Wedding Reception Alternative: Go Micro

For couples in regions of the world that are continuing to limit the size of public gatherings, a series of micro-receptions is a creative way to continue the wedding celebration, while still complying with local requirements. Instead of forgoing your wedding reception entirely, why not plan a series of dinner parties following your wedding day? 

Host a “Head Table” Wedding Dinner Series

Give everyone a chance to sit at the head table by planning a series of dinner parties that invite wedding guests to join you for a lovely dinner. Complete with your gorgeous personalized dinner napkins and a modified décor version of your original wedding reception vision, a micro-reception is a great way to gather with your loved ones in a way that is safe and compliant with local regulations. Choose a favorite restaurant with private room options or a home setting that makes you happy, and soon you’ll be toasting to your new married life with small groups of your friends and family! 

a series of "head table" dinners is a pandemic alternative to the wedding reception

Smaller Reception, Richer Experience

We all know that at large weddings the couple does not have the opportunity to have extended conversations with their reception guests. With micro-receptions, you’ll extend the celebration and get a much better opportunity to connect with your guests. Enjoy your ability to truly mark the moment with your loved ones with several intimate wedding receptions. Personalized guest hand towels, custom wedding reception cups and the newest wedding favor, custom disposable face masks are all still perfectly necessary for a smaller scale event. In fact, you may have a bit more budget to really go all out with your personalized wedding accessories! 

Micro-Receptions: Smaller, Safer, Sweeter

Micro-receptions may actually grant your older or immunocompromised friends and family members a way to safely celebrate your marriage with you. There are likely many people on your guest list who would have needed to skip a large reception due to their health who may gladly attend a 10 person dinner party. With this in mind, we’re thinking a version of the micro-reception trend should stick around in some form, even after restrictions are lifted. Providing disposable face masks will offer that extra measure of hospitality that is so necessary during these difficult to navigate times, too. 

set a personalized table at your wedding micro-reception

Navigating a wedding during a pandemic is not ideal, but perhaps the micro-reception trend can take these lemons and make a delicious cocktail from them? We can hope! Like we’ve said many times, our hearts are with all of the couples who are faced with planning their wedding in such an unexpected context. 

personalized kitchenware like cheese boards set a beautiful scene at your micro-reception
custom wedding reception accessories are just as fabulous at smaller events