FYP Features: Summer Essentials Family Edition

9 Jun

Wherever you are in the world, summertime is likely looking quite different than years gone by, especially if you have kids. Camps have canceled, pools are limiting capacity and social distancing guidelines are requiring a lot of families to dig deep and find new ways to make summer extra special this year. Here at FYP, we’ve gathered some new summer survival essentials for making memories and maintaining sanity for everyone involved. And of course, a little bit of personalization always adds an extra-special atmosphere. 

Reusable Ear Looped Face Masks are a New Summer Essential This Year

New Summer Essential: Face Masks

This summer, a new essential is obviously face masks. Whether your part of the world is opening up a bit, or you have many local guidelines still in place, it looks like face masks are here to stay. So, why not design a stack of custom disposable face masks to get your family through this season of needing facial coverings? Personalized disposable face masks are a great hospitality item, too, if you are hosting or attending any small gathering. Custom face masks are also handy to keep in the car or in your personal bag to use if you find yourself in a situation where you’d prefer to have on a face covering. Choose from several mask colors and lots of upbeat designs to create a personalized mask that you all won’t mind wearing and sharing.

Our new reusable cloth face masks are also a great option to have on hand for your family members. Make the best of necessary face covering with soft, ear-looped cloth face masks in the design and color of your choice. With an array of solid colors available as well as some cute designs, each person in your family can claim a designated color to help them keep up with their own mask for reuse. 

Use Custom Shot Glasses for Snack Sized Portions This Summer

New Summer Essential: Shot Glasses for Snack Sized Servings

While our personalized shot glasses have their obvious place in your home bar, another more family-friendly way to use them is for small self-serve snack portioning for kids. Serve berries, dry cereal or the quintessential goldfish crackers in a manageable quantity with our personalized 2 oz. glasses.  They’re also perfect for creating delicious and adorable dessert portions with kid chef-approved ingredients like pudding, whipped cream and fresh fruit. Hello, yummy! 

Custom Designed Gift Bags Make Socially Distant Gift Giving Easy

New Summer Essential: Gift Bags for Socially Distanced Giving

Custom gift bags are a great resource to have on hand anytime, but especially for life with kids! Skip the big box store gift bags and design a custom look for your family’s gift-giving! Plus, if your kids are home more than usual with camps canceled and pools closed, you can make a new tradition of creating gift bags for neighbors, essential workers, friends and family members. With your personalized gift bags on hand, wrapping is easy!

Personalized Dinner Napkins Make Family Dinners This Summer Extra Special

New Summer Essential: Special Details for Dinnertime 

We are all eating at home more than we ever have, so why not infuse your summer dinners with a personalized touch? Custom designed dinner napkins add a pop of color and customization that will make average dinnertime feel extra special. Or, design a custom menu with space for kids to write in the delicacies being served each night for some real-life writing practice for your elementary-aged kids. Refreshing your family’s glassware options with custom drinking jars for your summertime sipping is another great option. 

There’s no doubt that this summer is requiring a new approach for many families. Don’t let the learning curve get you down! With a few creative choices, you can infuse your summer with new traditions and great memories. Start designing the new summer essentials today!

Custom Drinking Jars For Each Family Member This Summer!