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Fruit in Ice Mixers

9 Mar 2017

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Today we’re going to share a favorite flavor burst for simple mixed drinks. Fruit in ice! Not only do fruit ice cubes make beautiful additions, they also keep drinks cold while enhancing the flavor. Freeze edible flowers as well for an elegant mix. Now, hydration is key, so you could always take a break from the alcohol and just add water for a refreshing fruit infused glass of H2O.

But at the moment, we’re thinking vodka. (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?) Use a clear colored alcohol to get the full effect of each gorgeous ice cube. You can even pair your fruit with your decor, as seen above with the personalized Cocktail Napkin.

Ice trays
Boiled water (so your cubes aren’t cloudy!)
Fresh Fruit
Edible Flowers
Soda water

Cut or mash your fruit to their desired size. Place fruit or flowers in ice trays. After your boiled water has cooled (or you can simply buy distilled water), fill each tray about halfway. Freeze. Fill the trays up the rest of the way, and freeze again. This method will keep your fruit and flowers from floating to the top, and they will be completely submerged in the ice.

Pour in vodka and soda to taste. Enjoy each sip as the ice melts and releases the fruits’ delicate flavor into your drink!

Fruit in ice for cocktails with Personalized Cocktail Napkin
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