Feel Lucky with Custom Saint Patrick’s Day Party Accessories

16 Feb

Maybe you don’t get off work for it, but Saint Patrick’s day is one of our favorite holidays. Color coordination, time with friends, an excuse to throw a good party—what’s not to like? If you’re planning on jumping in to the festivities, For Your Party has you covered with custom Saint Patrick’s Day party accessories.

two green cups with green patterned straws

The Stories Behind the Tradition

Originally commemorating the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the first Saint Patrick’s Day parade in the United States took place in 1601. As Irish immigration and patriotism increased, so did the celebrations. Boston’s first celebration took place in 1737, New York’s in 1762, and no one has looked back since! Those parades evolved into the gatherings we know and love today, with green everything, corned beef, beer, and cheer. Eating corned beef and soda bread make sense—they’re classic Irish-American foods, after all. And, well, the beer is self explanatory. As for the green, it depends on who you ask. Some say it’s a symbol of Irish nationalism, since it’s the color of the Shamrock. Others say it’s because green makes wearers invisible to pinch-happy leprechauns. As for us, we’re suckers for color coordination, so count us in!

Create Customized Cups with For Your Party

Drinks, alcoholic and otherwise, are a Saint Patrick’s day staple. So, if you’re hosting, cups are a natural choice for custom Saint Patrick’s Day party accessories, and we have you covered! Our cups come in a wide variety of sizes, from shot glasses to 32 ounces, for you to select based on your drink of choice! Naturally, you’ll be able to keep it green, but we also recommend a clear cup, the better to show off whatever your green drink of choice is on the big day. Of course, nothing goes with some personalized cups like custom coasters.

shot glass with a bottle of whiskey in the background

Don’t Forget the (Green) Napkins

For any party, napkins are versatile Saint Patrick’s Day party accessories, and a great canvas for personalization. We’re ready for Saint Patrick’s Day, with a wide variety of green napkins for your party purposes. You can own that potential hangover, or go for a more classic look. Whatever you choose, these napkins are sure to lend a fun touch of celebration to your event!

green “party Irish style” napkin on a table next to a bottle opener

Branching Out, St. Paddy’s Style

In the mood to celebrate on March 17th, but not feeling the more rambunctious spirit of the holiday? There are lots of ways to go! If you’re having a more intimate gathering, perhaps with some homemade food, our custom recipe cards would be a perfect memento for your corned beef or soda bread recipe (if you’re willing to share, of course). Just add some shamrocks in our customizer, print in our green foil, and you’re set with custom Saint Patrick’s Day party accessories! Of course, if you’re planning a food-forward gathering, don’t forget to customize plates to have your food looking its best! 

a green napkin on a cutting board with meat and cheese

Time to Paint the Town Green

If you’re looking to go big for St. Patrick’s day and you are lucky enough to live close by to one, there’s nothing like a good parade. Of course, if you’re heading out to a busy parade route or a crowded pub, it’s never a bad idea to take a personalized mask or two along. As a bonus, opt for green masks to fully enjoy the holiday spirit! Another Saint Patrick’s Day party accessory must have for any adventures is a custom can cooler. There’s no better way to celebrate!

a hand holding a tray of green face masks

Get Customizing!

Whatever you decide for your Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, your fellow partiers will appreciate your custom Saint Patrick’s Day party accessories. With our For Your Party customizer, you can select from our smartly curated galleries, or upload your own Saint Patrick’s Day art.

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