Feather Accents and Your Spring Wedding

25 Feb

In the diverse landscape of florals and colorways and balloon installations and all the ways you can bring a unique spin to your wedding day, don’t overlook the feather! Feather accents come in all shapes and sizes, from subtle to dramatic. Just as beautiful in a centerpiece as in your flower girl’s hair, feathers can be chosen to fit the precise mood and look that you are looking for.

Feather Boutonniere for your Spring Wedding

Feathers in Wedding Florals

We have seen feathers looking fancy in boutonnieres and bouquets, as well as mixing nicely in dramatic reception centerpieces. Feathers play well with other décor items, and are able to take center stage or play a supporting role, depending on your aesthetic.

Pink Feather Athena Halo for Your Spring Wedding

Feathers in Wedding Attire

Feather accents in your wedding party attire are a fun and unexpected addition! From donning a feather athena halo to wearing a breathtaking feather cape as part of your bridal attire ensemble, adding feathers to your attire is a fantastic idea.

Breathtaking Feather Cape for Your Spring Wedding

Feather Wedding Accent DIYs

If you’re a DIYer, there are many (and we mean MANY) fab DIYs for feather wedding accents. From a gorgeous feather and flower crown to adding feathers to the clutch you carry to the reception to adding a feather sash to your bridesmaids or flower girl dresses, there are SO many ways to take your feather game up a notch!

DIY Feather and Flower Crown

Feathers in Reception Table Settings

We love the look of tucking a single feather in the silverware roll at each table setting. For such a simple accent, the effect is resounding! 

Feather Sash for Your Flower Girl's Dress at Your Spring Wedding


feather sash and boutonniere :: photos Raymond Hom

feather and flower crown :: photo Ron Wendt

athena halo design:: Amaroq Designs

feather cape :: photo: Katch Silva,