Face Masks For Wedding Guests

28 Jul

Personalized face masks are the 2020 wedding hospitality essential! While you probably didn’t envision your wedding guests to be wearing masks when you dreamt of your big day as a child, it’s a necessity of our historical moment. Make the best of mask mandates, normalize face coverings and show your guests that you are doing everything you can to protect them during such challenging times with custom designed face masks.

offer your guests personalized face mask on your wedding day

Coordinate Your Wedding Face Masks with Your Wedding Colors

Design custom face masks to coordinate with your wedding napkins, custom cups and other personalized wedding accessories. You’ll set your guests’ minds’ at ease AND have everyone looking good. Opt for the same foil stamping color, font and graphics to create custom face masks that seamlessly reflect your wedding day style.

Make Your Wedding Guests Smile with Wedding Face Masks

Give your guests a good chuckle as they read your personalized face masks with a clever or cheeky message. Add some levity to mask mandates with custom masks proclaiming “quarantined for life” or “like a good neighbor, stay over there!”   When your wedding guests have gathered to celebrate your wedding day during a pandemic, some people may be a little apprehensive. A funny message on the required masks will give everyone a welcomed opportunity to laugh and relax a little bit. 

coordinate your wedding face masks with your cocktail napkins

Wedding Face Masks as Wedding Favors

Send your guests off with the most practical wedding favor possible: custom face masks! Tuck your custom face mask wedding favors in a personalized party favor bag and your guests will be prepared for their next foray into a public space. If we must be wearing face coverings, we might as well design ones that celebrate our milestone moments, send upbeat messages and look fab, right?! Add personalized hand sanitizer for an extra measure of on-theme favor bag content!  

Provide Personalized Wedding Guest Face Masks for Kids at Your Wedding

Custom Face Masks for Your Younger Wedding Guests

Providing face masks for your wedding guests includes some kids-sized options, too! Add a stack of kids disposable masks to your wedding accessories list and you’ll be ready to host your guests of all sizes. 

Personalized wedding face masks are truly the new wedding necessity. Your wedding guests will appreciate your consideration for the health recommendations for a gathering during a pandemic, and you’ll rest a bit easier knowing that you did your best to provide what your guests need for a safe and enjoyable event. Design your unique face masks for your wedding guests today!

Personalized Face Masks are a 2020 Wedding Essential