Face Masks For Kids: For School, Play and Everything Else

30 Jul

Summer 2020 is coming to a close and schools are set to resume in various ways in the coming weeks. Another “new normal” is on the horizon, and preparing for it is no joke. Required face coverings, social distancing measures, virtual learning and other changes added to students’ school experience will take some adjusting too. Plus, more and more places are requiring masks, including dance studios, birthday parties, tutoring groups, etc, so preparing ourselves and our kids for these changes is important.

Personalized Face Masks in Kids' Sizes are a Fall 2020 Essential

Personalized Kids’ Face Masks for Fall 2020

Here at For Your Party, we certainly can’t mend the massively complicated nature of the 2020-2021 school year for everyone involved, but from our respective lane, we CAN offer a few items that will make life a little easier. We have personalized kids masks and we have customized hand sanitizer. If we all need to have these items on hand (see what we did there?) at all times, they might as well be as adorable as possible, right? 

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Personalized Kids’ Face Masks for School

School supply shopping looks different this year, with virtual learning and pandemic related changes adding major factors to families’ typical end-of-summer considerations. Now, required face coverings are on this list, along with items like wireless headphones with microphones to bring as much efficiency to online learning as possible. (We see you, parents of elementary schoolers, we see you. You are preparing for the impossible!) To bring some levity during all of this, design customized, ear-looped kids disposable masks for your kiddos. Add some self-expression to their mask-wearing and provide their necessary face covering! Plus, the secure fit of a kid-sized mask offers better chances of the mask being worn correctly and staying put.

Custom Designed Kid's Face Masks for School and Everything Else

Personalized Kids’ Face Masks for Everything Else

We have custom kids disposable masks that can be personalized to help keep your kids’ masks straight from their classmates’ at group lessons or playdates. Choose a color and foil stamped design that includes your child’s name or initials to keep your child’s masks easy to distinguish from their friends’. At the beginning of each week, tuck a few spare masks into their school backpacks, sports bags and, of course, in your glove box. With kid-sized ear-looped masks readily available, you’ll be prepared! Plus, you’ll have spare masks to share if the need arises (the need will totally arise!). 

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New Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Another fall 2020 necessity is personalized hand sanitizer. Keep a stash of custom hand sanitizer bottles for your family to grab as they head into the school year. Hand sanitizer bottles are an item that often looks just like their classmates, so this year your children will appreciate that theirs is personalized! Order plenty to have in supply as winter looms! Custom hand sanitizer definitely something that you’ll appreciate having on hand all the time.

personalized hand sanitizer is an essential back to school supply