Everything You Need For an Ocean Destination Wedding

16 Jul

Have you made the brilliant decision to take your wedding to a spectacular ocean destination? If so, cheers to that genius move! Now it’s time to attend to the custom details of your wedding getaway, and ForYourParty is here for your personalized wedding accessory needs.

After traveling to your dream destination, guests will love seeing your personal touch in every detail. Seas the day(!) and complete your coastal theme with custom napkins and cups, wedding-themed menus for your meals, and personalized cello gift bags to send your guests off with a special wedding favor at the end of the weekend.

wedding hashtag custom napkin rings

Add a seaworthy design like a cute sea turtle or starfish to your personalized napkins, cups and custom menus to extend your coastal theme to all the details. Choose a napkin color that complements your wedding colorway, or opt for one of our gorgeous pattern watercolor napkins that are available in colors like ocean and sea glass to reflect the natural beauty of your surrounding. Your guests will enjoy using the personalized wedding accessories that you design for your ocean destination wedding, and many people won’t be able to resist tucking one away as a sweet souvenir, so order plenty!

you me and the sea watercolor wedding cocktail napkins

For your wedding meal and any other celebratory meals you may have scheduled for the weekend, you’ll love our beautiful rounded corner menus in our “You, Me and the Sea” design printed on turquoise paper. Your wedding guests will appreciate the way you bring the beauty of the ocean into even the smallest details of your destination wedding.

Planning to use an ocean themed wedding hashtag? Why not incorporate it into your custom designed wedding accessories? Have #seastheday added to your customized wedding napkin design to layer a clever pun into your wedding design plans, as well as offer your guests (and you, too, of course!) a way to crowdsource wedding candids.

ocean themed wedding dinner menus

Our versatile cello bags are a great way to contain delicious sweet treats as a wedding favor, or even offer to guests who want to do some beachcombing for shells and sand as a memento of their time celebrating your union. Round up the number needed on your order of your custom cello bags so you can take a few, add some color coordinated tissue paper, and “voila!” you have perfect gift bags for your bridal party!

Your ocean destination wedding weekend will be a celebration of your ocean-deep love and devotion in a setting that is totally breathtaking and relaxing! Let For Your Party personalized wedding accessories do the work of sharing your wedding theme while you relax and embrace the weekend!

wedding favor bags for ocean themed wedding

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