Everyday Pursuits Los Cabos Destination Wedding

6 Nov

If you’re wondering how to have the perfect destination wedding, Ashley Torres, creator of Everyday Pursuits, has done it. The perfect destination wedding. (No, seriously!) The location, the vibe, the food, the decor. Everything. If you’re considering a destination wedding, pay attention! Ashley has detailed everything on her blog at everydaypursuits.com. Ashley has documented the process of planning and hosting a destination wedding in detail, so pull up a chair, pour your choice of beverage and get down to business. For the beginning stages of planning, don’t miss where to start planning a destination wedding, and from there  you can find other posts detailing the planning for their Los Cabos wedding, plus explore her posts that cover everything from achieving the clear skin you want on your wedding day to protecting your dynamic with your fiance throughout the wedding planning process.

everyday pursuits Los Cabos destination wedding

Destination Wedding Dreams

In her first post after the big day, Ashley details how she cast vision for her wedding to her fabulous wedding coordinator, Amy Abbott. We love the way Ashley had a specific vision for her wedding day, and how she sings the praises of her awesome wedding planner who orchestrated it. Ashley writes, “I remember how hard it was to nail down our "theme" when initially talking to our planner Amy Abbott. Hard because I wanted the vibe to be US...a little boho, a little glam, a lot of fun, not too stuffy or serious but also not silly. Most importantly: tropical vibe but NOT tiki. And I remember just listing all these things out for her and thinking to myself  "man, I hope she understands what I mean" and boy did she. Our wedding captured the essence that is A + A and we couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.”

"best weekend ever" frost flex cups for Everyday Pursuits destination wedding
destination wedding bar ideas

Planning a destination wedding for 100 people is no joke. So many details! Ashley and her wedding team not only pulled it off, but she’s left you tons of information so you, too, can have a gorgeous Los Cabos wedding. From choosing an idyllic wedding venue (um, complete with a fuzzy baby donkey?! #goals), down to the casual, yet perfectly appointed personalized wedding supplies, it’s all just. so. good.

personalized "best weekend ever" cocktail napkins for Everyday Pursuits

Destination Wedding Location Considerations

Determining your location of choice for your fabulous destination wedding is no small task, and Ashley and her fiance, Andy, found a gem of a location. Considering the weather in your wedding month, seasonal issues like bugs, lodging options, transportation for 100+ people…the list goes on! Do you want a beach wedding, an intimate affair with just a few friends and family, or a grande exotic extravaganza? Narrowing down your vision for your destination wedding is a key way to make your searching and researching productive, rather than overwhelming. Ashley navigated these decisions carefully and confidently, and the result was an on-trend (but not trendy), fun (but not cheesy) and fresh (and accessible) fabulous Los Cabos wedding.

everyday pursuits destination wedding koozies

Destination Wedding Decor and Accessories

Ashley and her wedding coordinator worked together to achieve exactly the wedding vibe they were looking for (fun, glam, tropical but not tiki!) and her personalized wedding accessories reflected the look they were going for! From the crisp white cocktail napkins foil stamped in gold with “Best.Weekend.Ever.” to flat can coolers proclaiming “Drunk in Love” in vibrant green with palm branches, the personalized wedding accessories worked their magic to totally support the wedding vibe! It’s amazing how a seemingly small detail, like the message printed on your cocktail napkins, can reflect your wedding theme!

custom designed drunk in love koozies

Destination Wedding Hospitality

Ashley and Andy made sure to take good care of their wedding guests that made the trek all the way to Los Cabos for the wedding. From having a couple options in their reserved lodging blocks, to hiring Sprinter vans for easy (and free for their guests) transport to and from their events, to a fabulous welcome party—Ashley and Andy anticipated to what their guests would need and made arrangements for their guests to have a great experience.

everyday pursuits welcome party toast with custom frost flex cups

Whether you are totally sold on having a destination wedding, or if you’re simply looking for some wedding planning insight or personalized wedding supplies inspiration, spend some time scrolling through Ashley’s posts. You’ll love how helpful and honest her writing is; plus, her style is fantastic!

custom designed destination wedding napkins for Everyday Pursuits