Everyday Pursuits Epic Bachelorette Weekend

23 Oct

We all know that bachelorette parties are a perfect chance to gather your nearest and dearest pals and have that final pre-married-life epic party, but what about upgrading to a luxurious bachelorette weekend?! If you and your entourage can swing it, an all weekend bachelorette party gives you plenty of time to party hard, but also rest (ahem, recover?) and relax together. A bachelorette weekend is especially great if you have any friends traveling in for the event, so you can take full advantage of spending time with them, rather than just one blur of an evening.

Ashley Torres at Everyday Pursuits detailed her epic Palm Springs bachelorette getaway on her blog for us to swoon over, and it was truly fabulous. Every detail was perfectly personalized to her! From the location (major heart eyes!) to the schedule, complete with scheduled gossip time (#honest), to the exquisitely styled decor and custom party supplies-- it all was totally on point!

custom designed bachelorette frosted cups

Perfectly Personalized Location and Swag

Ashley and her crew of 18 besties took over a seriously fabulous house in Palm Springs, complete with a pool and pool floats for lounging. Not only was the location totally perfect, the party swag included an adorable custom designed sweatshirt. The pics of everyone in the matching sweatshirts are super cute!

customized bachelorette party accessories and favors

Customized Party Schedule

With 19 people partying over a 3 night time span, the customized party schedule really helped to keep everyone on the same page. It also made sure there was plenty of time to party hard, but also to relax and enjoy the pool. The custom printed itinerary was designed to coordinate with all of the personalized party accessories, many of which featured Ashley’s custom artwork.

custom bachelorette party accessories

Custom Designed Party Supplies

Ashley’s bachelorette weekend happened to fall on her 32nd birthday, so she and her bridesmaids designed personalized cocktail napkins saying “Ashley’s Bday Bach” as a perfectly customized look for the weekend. They also coined the hashtag #bdaybashlorette for all the pics of the weekend to be scrollable in one place. #brilliant

everyday pursuits bachelorette party group

Ashley’s birthday bachelorette weekend personalized party supplies covered every base! With custom bachelorette party coasters, personalized cocktail napkins, and custom designed guest towels from For Your Party, the customized party accessories were gorgeous, and perfectly coordinated with the party theme and colorway. Then, with adding coordinating stir sticks, fun cake toppers, adorable silk sleeping masks and customized sweatshirts, every detail was attended to! It truly was an epic weekend, from the partying, down to all of the personalized details. For more major party planning inspiration, check out her blog.