Entertaining at Home with Style

5 Apr

Entertaining is a great way to share your style and social skills in the comfort of your own home. While there are tons of fabulous ways to enjoy time with family and friends, there is something about sharing a good drink that just speaks to the soul. When a guest comes in the front door, it’s nothing short of reflex to ask, “Can I get you something to drink?”

We’d like to share advice on what to stock, as well as ideas for adding a few personal touches to your bar cart or wet bar that will enhance your guests’ experiences and bring hosting to a whole new level.

Custom Cocktail Stirrer with Martini

First, what should you have in your home bar? Well, that all depends on your personal preferences and entertaining style. The home bar should be styled and stocked to reflect your taste and unique personality. What are your favorite drinks? How do you like them served? Favorite garnishes? Home is where you should feel the most comfortable enjoying a much-deserved drink after a long day while you socialize with your favorite people.

Home bar Tom Collins Custom Coaster

Nevertheless, there are some home bar basics. Stocking the bar with some of the most popular spirits will ensure a wide range of drink options that will always leave guests satisfied: 

Liquors—vodka, gin, whiskey, scotch, rum

Mixers—tonic water, club soda, sprite, cola, juice (orange, tomato & lemonade)

Fruit—lemons, limes, oranges, cherries, berries

Now let’s talk tools. You’ll need a cocktail shaker, possibly a blender and ice, and the appropriate glassware. For glasses, you can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like, but consider white and red wine glasses, beer steins and pilsners, and highball, martini, daiquiri and margarita glasses. You don’t need much more, although you could get fancy with a bar cooler, wine chiller, condiment holders, chilling rocks and many other bar toys you can find online. You do you.

Custom Coasters for home bar

Make the bar even more your own with some personalized accessories. Let’s start with the coasters.  A timeless way to personalize these is to have your house address or house number, or even your family name foil stamped on them. Have a family crest? Go for it.

One creative way to entertain your visitors is having some family fun facts or just funny quotes imprinted on your coasters. Maybe boozy quotes from your favorite TV show or movie—always good for a laugh! You could also make a certain drink the signature for your home bar and create a set of coasters listing the ingredients. Design them with your favorite colors or to match your home decor.

Not only are personalized coasters unique and charming, they are useful when it comes to protecting furniture. You can also find other creative ways to use them—as note cards, gift tags or even birthday cards. Just punch a hole on top and tie a ribbon, write your personal message on the back, and voilà!

Personalized Cocktail Napkin

No need to stop with the coasters, how about Personalized Cocktail Napkins? We have a great collection of styles and colors to match just about any occasion. Like the coasters, personalize your napkins with your unique message and foil color of choice. Or select our Photo/Full Color Napkins, which are always conversation starters with clever or silly images of your family, pets, vacations—really just about anything!

Personalized Cocktail Stirrers for your home bar

Don’t forget the Stir Sticks. Have them foil stamped with your initials, a graphic from our huge collection online or any quick little saying. They can be used to stir drinks, as cocktail picks or to serve appetizers. One set can do double time!

With all this said, just have fun and enjoy yourself. Cheers!