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Entertaining at Home: Hosting the Ultimate Night In

21 Sep 2022

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As the colder months approach, we tend to want to go out less and less, so why not host a night in?  Here at For Your Party, we pride ourselves on turning any event into a party (no really…anything) and that includes a night at home! With that being said, here’s our steps on how to host the ultimate night in. So grab your favorite pals and snacks and let’s get to planning, shall we?

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How to Host a Formal Get Together 

The great thing about hosting a night in is there is so much opportunity! Our first idea on how to host a night in is to throw a fancy dinner party. Send out a formal invitation to all your friends letting them know what time to arrive, where the dinner will be, and the semi-formal dress code (because what’s better than getting dressed up with friends and staying in?).

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Take your Dinner Party Decor to the Max

The first step to hosting a night in is to set the scene.  Set the tone of your dinner party by decorating your table to the max. Create a formal atmosphere by setting the table with napkin rings, dinner napkins, and place cards. Make customized menus to place at each plate to give your guests the full experience. Then create a stunning centerpiece with flowers and our votive candles to really complete the atmosphere. Have each person bring a dish, order in from a nice restaurant, or even have it catered for the full effect. Pour some glasses of wine (or make a batch of one of our cocktail recipes) and get the party started! This will make you the ultimate host for a night in and your guests will love the excuse to get dressed up (and after all it’s the company that matters most). To end your formal night in with a bang, send your guests home with some personalized favors. To give you a fair warning, this will make you the ultimate host for a night in to all your friends and family, so prepare to be hosting a lot more frequently!

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Keep it Simple and Casual

If you're not feeling the fancy route however, no worries, we’ve got more ideas for you. If you just need an excuse to have some friends over for a night in with all your favorite snacks, we’ve got you covered. Host a night in watch party for your favorite shows as they come out each week, for an award show, or even Sunday football! This is a great way to have all your friends over for a small get together. But in true FYP fashion, we have some tips and tricks to make this casual evening one to remember! The first essential for this (stating the obvious here) is the snacks. Use our goodie bags and fill them with each of your friends favorite candies and write their name on each bag. Then, use our popcorn bags and fill those up too. Have your friends come over in their comfiest sweatpants, and host a night in they won’t soon forget.    

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Make it One to Remember! 

Take your cozy night in to the next level with our custom party accessories to match! Create a theme for the night and go all-in! Hosting a night in movie marathon? Pick a genre of movies and make that the theme for the night. Bachelorette watch party? Decorate the house with roses and get some cocktail napkins and drink pouches to match! Sunday football? Drink out of our custom stadium cups while cheering on your favorite team. 

 No matter what the occasion, we’ve got the party accessories to go with the theme.

custom napkins for hosting a night in

Tag Us When You Host Your Next Night In! 

We hope these ideas will help you host the best night in yet! Show us how you decide to elevate your next night in and share some pictures with us by tagging @foryourparty on IG. We can’t wait to be a part of your next night in, no matter how you do it!

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