Enter to Grab $200 to #CelebrateSoon

4 May

Just like you, For Your Party is looking forward no longer having to resist our seriously strong hugging-urges and cannot wait to get the go-ahead to party with all of our very favorite people. So, without further ado, we are so excited to present you with the opportunity to win $200 to personalize professional party decor because we are ALL ready to #CelebrateSoon.

Everything from party cocktail napkins to custom cups and matches, wine glasses and more - we have everything you need to throw the perfect party. Enter the giveaway today before time runs out to win big! You have until May 8th to claim your FYP cash for a much-needed bash, with our winner to be announced at 11am CST!

It's officially a great time to get our home decor as glam as you are.

Before we divulge what you could use this FYP cash for, let’s ensure you understand how to enter the giveaway. It’s easy, there are 3 steps, LET’S WIN THIS! Word to the wise, we DO check if all of these things are accomplished when our winner is selected, so: 

Step 1) Follow our Instagram account (@foryourparty) and like our $200 Giveaway post

Step 2) You’ll need to comment on the Giveaway post with your favorite party emoji (think balloons, clinking glasses, a little confetti action, etc.)

Step 3) Comment one more time, tagging friends who you are missing and looking forward to celebrating with once Mother Nature allows
BONUS: You are NOT limited to how many times you are able to comment and enter! Tag every friend you know and up your chances to win that stylish party you deserve!
OK, so now that we’re all caught up on the rules, we’d love to offer you some ideas on how you could use your big winnings! Get ready because we've got big plans for your upcoming plans…

Idea 1) If you were stuck inside for your actual birthday, we suggest having a completely understandable and necessary SECOND birthday blowout. When our lockdown has been lifted, that means it’s YOUR time to shine. This includes sending a Virtual Invitation to your friends and curating the cutest cocktail napkins, classic matchbooks, stadium cups, deco coasters and more to scream, “It’s My Birthday, AGAIN!” To top it all off, ensure your neighbors and every passersby know that there’s a birthday gal or guy in the house, grab your fave picture of their face and plant it right on a personalized yard sign to let them know they better beep a “CONGRATS” as they drive-by!
Idea 2) By the time we’re allowed to celebrate with our loved ones, we are going to be missing everyone so badly that the need to party will be immeasurable, almost palpable. Therefore, another great idea? A reunion party for your friends to really just celebrate one another!!! This’ll call for “Cheers”, “Let’s Party” decor and all fun customizable items we have on deck. Your reunion party winnings can include a new Yard Sign, planted in front to tell friends the BBQ and fun is in the backyard! You’ll also want to be ready with the classic yet so fun Styrofoam cups, like our powerhouse 20oz “Time to Party” design.
Idea 3) Another fabulous idea for spending $200 with For Your Party? It’s time for you to give your temporary quarantine-zone that makeover it so desperately deserves! That means customized hand guest towels to keep your quaranteam as sanitized as possible - a more hygienic solution to your terry washcloth! You can even grab a super handy hand guest towel holder to make your hand-washing experience even further sanitized. We personally love the “Soap Scrub Rinse” design, perfect no matter the conditions. Add to your relaxation zone with personalized votive candles for late night date nights (or streaming sessions), and finish it off with the cutest little lipstick matchbooks you’ve ever seen. Don’t forget a few customized face masks for occasional trips to re-up on your understocked fridge!

Recommended #CelebrateSoon Customizable Party Accessories:
“One Shot Bday Bash” Cocktail Napkins - QTY 50 / $29.00

“Cheers Belongs To” Stadium Cup 16oz. (2-sided) - QTY 50 / $96.00
“Lockdown Birthday” Yard Sign - QTY 1 / $24.90
“Resting Quarantine Face” Face Mask - QTY 25 / $55.00