Easy Summer Party Dessert Ideas

21 Jun

Happy Summer Solstice! To celebrate the first day of summer and dream about all the parties we’d love to host this season, let’s talk desserts—a very important piece to any party. Even for those of us who don’t identify as a ‘sweet-tooth,’ there is just something about rounding out a delicious menu with a tasty dessert that simply can’t be substituted. Consider it an important chapter in the book of how to host a good party.

Fortunately, a tasty treat doesn’t have to be hard to make! You can even buy delicious desserts from a grocery or bakery and dress them up a bit for a fabulous treat that complements your party theme and guests will love. Here are a few of our favorite dessert ideas:

Simple Summer Party Desserts

Fruity Cupcakes

No need to unearth great-grandma’s top secret recipe (although that’s totally cool) to serve delicious cupcakes. The key to a quick fix is making your own frosting. Bake your favorite box mix, then whip up some frosting for the made-from-scratch feel. Fresh out of piping bags? Load your icing into a sandwich baggie and seal the top. Cut off a bottom corner of the bag and get squeezing! You can play around with how big of an opening you make to give a different sized ribbon of icing.

Once your cupcakes are iced, it’s time to decorate for a summer dessert! You can actually start the decorating with the icing, if you want to add a bit of food coloring to match your party vibes. Add all the summery feels with bright colored soft candies. We chose to pair our candies with custom drink stirrers turned kabob sticks. Put those hours of Cake Boss binge-watching to use and top your cupcakes with adorable, edible decor to complete your summer party desserts and wow guests.  

summer party cupcake decorating

Ice Cream Sandwich Sprinkle Pops

This next summer dessert is next level perfect. Everyone loves ice cream on a hot summer day, and ice cream sandwiches are a classic dessert that will never go out of style. We all have those childhood (or maybe more recent) memories of munching on a cool ice cream sandwich and ending up with sandwich residue stuck to the two fingers you sacrificed for holding the treat.

While a cute party napkin can solve this problem in one way, we are obsessed with the solution that girl. Inspired. has offered. Cut the sandwiches in halves or fourths and then spear each one with a lollipop stick. Amp up the cuteness by dipping the edges in sprinkles! This color addition is totally perfect for your summer party because you can buy sprinkles in practically any color and match your party color palette!

mini ice cream sandwich pops

Pearl Shell Cookies

These pearly cookies are fantastic for any summer beach party, but are completely perfect for a mermaid themed party. Did you know mermaid parties are all the rage this summer?! These adorable desserts look like little clams showing off their pearls. This simple party dessert is made by icing two scalloped sugar cookies and gently pressing the cookie sandwich on one side to appear “open” on the other. Then, a little white coated chocolate is carefully stuck into the icing. Really, these are the pearls your party guests have been searching for.

clam pearl cookies

Pineapple Donuts

This last treat is also a quick fix for your summer party dessert needs! Another trending party detail? Pineapples. You can party like a pineapple, tell your bestie they’re the pineapple of your eye and really make your party tropic-like it’s hot. All with a fruit. Theme your brunch or party dessert by transforming donuts into pineapples! Pick up your favorite dozen and top them with a paper pineapple crown. You can source these on Etsy or DIY with green paper (green glitter paper!), long toothpicks, and tape or a hot glue gun. Donuts are always well loved, so a donut with a crown is really a no-fail party dessert.

donuts with pineapple toppers




Mini ice cream sandwich pops images by girl. Inspired.
Pineapple donut topper image by Blue Oak Creations