Down, Set, Party!

31 Jan

You’ve placed your bets, made your fantasy picks and donned your team colors. It’s almost time to fire up the grill and arrange the perfect couch-to-TV distance for optimal Super Bowl viewing. Or Super Bowl commercial viewing. It’s all about perception, really. But seriously, have you heard about this year’s halftime show?

Regardless, we hope you’ve gone on the offensive with your party planning. We have a few recommendations. Like a carefully strategized playbook, food and drinks should be planned ahead and executed with success. Have your beverages of choice chilled with the option of Personalized Cups to keep things festive and Personalized Coasters to run interference. Appetizers and finger foods at the ready with Personalized Napkins on the defense.

And don’t forget, there’s more than one kind of bowl! Puppy Bowl XIII and Kitten Bowl IV continue on for another year, winning fans over with all of their furry cuteness.

Cheer on your team (and rate those commercials) with family and friends this year—you’ll for sure have a win!