Do I Have to Give Wedding Favors?

11 Sep

Wedding favors. To give or not to give? It’s quite a debate in some circles! Before you get caught in the crossfire of tradition and culture, practicality and proper etiquette, and let’s face it, economy and the modern wedding, take a moment to think about what is important to you. Have you enjoyed wedding favors given to you in the past? Have you held on to the tokens given at the weddings of your friends and family members? Do you have items in mind for your wedding favors already?

It may seem obvious, but it is too easy to lose track of what you truly want for your wedding in the midst of wedding planning with so many opinions and endless options! If you aren’t sure you want to give wedding favors, think about why. Is it because of budget concerns? Or because you’ve been torn for years about tossing that monogrammed shot glass from your aunt’s wedding long ago? Are wedding favors supremely important to your mom or future MIL?

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Should I give wedding favors?

Emily Post and Miss Manners are both on the record saying that you don’t “have to” give wedding favors, so the question becomes, do you want to? It’s not a matter of etiquette as much as it’s a matter of hospitality, and wedding favors can be a really special way to send your guests off from your wedding reception with a precious memento. There are endless options available to you these days, and personalizing the favors to reflect you and your partner’s interests and tastes is fun!

Historically, the tradition of giving wedding favors dates back to at least the 16th century, when wealthy families gave sweet treats in a time when sugar was an extremely expensive luxury. Over the centuries, families from more modest means began giving wedding favors, too. The trends have come and gone, but wedding favors have been offered to guests for around 500 years, if not longer! So you might want to second guess your idea of blowing off wedding favors to save a little cash!

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Edible Wedding Favors:

Take a cue from our 16th century wedding predecessors and give a luxuriously tasty treat as your wedding favors. A small box of baklava, traditional sugar-coated almonds, or a delicacy made with that prized family recipe, guests will always appreciate a little bit of sweetness to enjoy. Personalized cake boxes or cellophane bags can be the perfect packaging for the deliciousness. Custom designed wedding gift tags can also be affixed to your wedding favor to add a touch of personalized charm.

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Useful Wedding Favors:

Perhaps you hate the idea of your potential wedding favors languishing in someone's junk drawer or hall closet, or you take a more minimalist approach to life and don’t want to add knick-knacks to people’s homes. These thoughts are totally valid! If you’d still like to give a token of your appreciation to your family and friends for joining you on such an important day, consider giving custom wedding matches! Everyone has use of a match from time to time, and your guests will love remembering your wedding day as they light their dinner candles or birthday candles over the years.

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Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favors:

Whether or not you believe in global warming, planting more trees is something we should all be able to get behind! It’s a way to be generous toward the generations that will follow! Recently, we’ve seen a fun wedding favor trend that maintains environmental consciousness, as some couples are giving tiny plants that will one day grow into trees as their wedding favors. It is a beautiful sentiment for a wedding day, and adding trees to our global landscape is a wonderful way to contribute to the greater good. Plus, think about being able to visit the homes of your family and friends that joined you on your wedding day and seeing their little saplings take root as living monuments of your love. Simply add a custom wedding gift tag with planting instructions and your expression of gratitude, and you have a gorgeous and exceedingly meaningful wedding favor!

Whatever route you decide to take with wedding favors, let it be what best highlights you and your beloved, your interests together, and the love and gratitude you want to express to your wedding guests!