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DIY Valentine’s Day Party Decorations

21 Jan 2014

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Have a Valentine’s sweetie? Don’t? Throw a party and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with everyone you love. Invite couples and singles—who knows, maybe you can even play a little cupid yourself.  Make the day even more special with a personal touch and a few DIY projects.

Valentine’s Day Decor DIY

Wreath – A classic home decor that greets guests before they even walk in the door is a wreath. Set the ambiance with a festive heart wreath to give everyone warm welcome.
 - 2 dozens faux roses
 - felt
 - scissors
 - hot glue gun
 - ribbon/string
 1. cut your felt into two long strips and place it in a heart shape
 2. cut the stems off all the roses
 3. glue the roses to the felt, be sure to also put a dot of glue between each rose
 4. tie the ribbon to your rose heart
 5. hang and enjoy!

Garland – Make your indoor decor pop with a sweet garland strand. Bake mini heart-shaped shortbread cookies and decorate each one with royal icing and sprinkles. Use a toothpick to make holes inside the treats and run colorful string through each one. Then hang the cookie garland around your fireplace, chandelier or another focal point in your home.

Customized Cocktail Napkins with Valentine's Day Treats

Valentine’s Day Snacks and Drinks

Drinks – To get the party started, hand your guests a cocktail as they walk into your home. You can mix up pink and red drinks in fun mason jars. Place a custom Straw Tags inside each one that reads, “Be Mine” or “Happy V-Day.”

Food – Everyone is thinking about sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. Set up your food buffet style for a no-fuss approach to dining. Place colorful ribbon at the base of a cake stand and add a mound of powdered doughnuts on top. You can even make a batch of white chocolate fudge with raspberry swirls and offer them to guests.

Valentines Personalized Party Favor Hearty Gift Tags

Valentine’s Day Party Favors

Don’t let your guests leave empty-handed. Design personalized Gift Bags with special treats for all your friends who attended your bash. You can place unscented lotion in small containers and add a couple drops of essential oils like vanilla and lavender to them. You can also bake fresh loaves of banana bread, wrap them up in plastic wrap and tie each one with a bow made out of personalized Ribbon. For a special touch, add custom Heart Tags to each one.

Love these Valentine’s Day decor ideas? Then check out the rest of our custom party favors to make your next bash a success.

Valentine's Day Personalized Party Favor Tags
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