DIY S'more Bar

9 Oct
DIY S'more bar with personalized napkins and personalized food skewers

Bring your favorite outdoor treat inside and enjoy it anytime with this fun and easy snack bar. It’s perfect for cozy holiday gatherings, winter birthday parties, or as a sweet addition to your reception or dessert bar. You’ll have your guests craving S’MORE ?

S'mores marshmallows and chocolate with personalized food skewer

You’ll Need:

 – Plastic trough (try a planter or decorative gutter)
 – Stones (small garden pebbles or sand)
 – 3 Sternos
 – 1 can spray paint (if desired for trough)
 – Rectangle stir sticks
 – Marshmallows
 – Graham crackers
 – Chocolate bars

First, set up your indoor ‘campfire.’ After we found the perfect basin for our fire, we had to give it a quick makeover with a fresh coat of metallic paint to match our fall color scheme. Once the paint dried we poured stones into the trough and settled the Sternos snuggly among the rocks.

S'more Dessert Bar

Next, prepare your s’more ingredients. We laid ours out for better accessibility—and hey, it looked good. Don’t forget to spear the marshmallows with a personalized Rectangle Stir Stick.

Carefully light the Sternos and roast away! Now there are two kinds of people when it comes to toasting a marshmallow: you’ve either got the it’s just right when beautifully warmed to a golden brown types or the go big or go home, it’s not done till it’s flaming and charred. Who knows, maybe it’s a personality trait?

Personalized Dinner Napkins

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for—pull out the graham crackers, layer on the chocolate and stick on that gooey, glorious roasted marshmallow for your tasty fall treat.

Happy roasting!