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DIY Christmas Gifts

10 Dec 2014

We’ve all heard it — “It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!” But what about your gift list; how’s that looking? Add a personal touch this year with a DIY gift.

DIY Christmas cookies in a jar gift
Baking Mix with Custom Recipe Wrapper

What’s better than gifting your favorite sweet treat? Sharing the recipe! Here’s a totally cute and creative way to package this tasty gift. Start by mixing together all of your dry ingredients. Divvy up your dry mix into jars or Custom Large Cellophane Bags. Use the FYP Customizer to place your recipe name and instructions right on the bag, or attach a Custom Gift Tag. Here’s a simplified version of one of our favorite recipes (Chocolate-Cabernet Cake, YUM) to help get you started.


Recipe to print on your bag or tag:

Hooray for Choco-Cabernet!
  • Beat 2 sticks butter (softened) with 1 ¾ cups of sugar

  • Add 2 eggs and 1 tsp. vanilla extract

  • Fold in dry ingredients & 1 ¼ cups red wine

  • Pour into cake pan, bake at 350° for 45 minutes

  • Let cool for 10 minutes, flip onto cooling rack

  • Dust with powdered sugar and serve with ice cream

christmas baking DIY

Fill your bag or jar with  the following dry ingredients:

  • 2 cups of flour

  • ¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

  • ½ tsp. salt

  • 1 ¼ tsp. baking soda


Don’t forget Ribbon or Baker’s Twine to tie your bags or attach your recipe!

christmas baking DIY
Holiday Spirits

Lift spirits this year by giving your favorite wine or Christmas ale. You can add a Wine Bottle Hanger with a personalized message or drop the bottle in a Wine Bag for the perfect take-home gift. Head over to your favorite local wine store for a wide selection of fun and festive bottles.

The Only Six Pack You Need beer christmas gift
The Only Six Pack You Need beer christmas gift
Fine Cigar with Custom Matchbooks

A pack of fine cigars is a stellar gift for any cigar aficionado. Throw in some personalized matchbooks to make the gift last even longer; any stogie lover with a cigar bar or humidor in their home would be thrilled to receive a pack of personalized matchbooks. All of our Cigar Matches are made with non-sulfur tips to avoid unsavory flavors when lighting up. Include a cigar clipper, ashtray or other cigar accessories to make it a gift set.

Custom cigar matches
Personalized Hot Chocolate Packets

There’s something incredibly nostalgic and comforting about hot chocolate. On wintery days, we all love the comfort of wrapping our chilly hands around a warm mug and sipping slowly while snuggled in our favorite cozy chair near a crackling fire. This holiday season, give everyone on your list a unique hot chocolate recipe. It works great for corporate parties, as well as long gifts-to-give lists.

Hot chocolate DIY Christmas gift

Start with a tin of your favorite hot chocolate mix. Next, spice it up with your favorite flavors. We love: cinnamon (whole cinnamon sticks are be-a-utiful), nutmeg, crushed peppermint candies, chocolate chips and—of course—marshmallows! Layer your ingredients into a Custom Cellophane Bag and tie with baker’s twine and a Custom Gift Tag. Add a Custom Stir Stick to really spruce it up, or even consider putting your cocoa with mason jars or homemade monogrammed mugs.

Hot chocolate DIY Christmas gift
“Dear Santa” Door Hangers

“Dear Santa” Door Hangers—the instant family tradition that will have your kids excited for bed. Everybody knows that Santa won’t come until the little ones are fast asleep. Let Mr. Claus know the coast is clear by hanging these festive signs on the door knob. Have the kids make it their own by leaving a blank space where they can write or draw their own messages to Santa.

Pass out the hangers at a holiday party, or surprise the kids with an early gift on Christmas Eve. After setting out the milk and cookies, they’ll run upstairs with their door hangers in hopes that Ol’ Saint Nick is on his way.


Christmas Door Hanger gift
Reimagine the Coaster

Here’s an easy way to make all of your gifts extra special. Rather than signing your name on a piece of wrapping paper, design a unique gift tag. Start by uploading your best selfie to a Custom Photo Coaster—a photo of your kitty or pup would be equally awesome! Punch a hole in the corner of the coaster and use a piece of Baker’s Twine to fasten it to your gifts. With these custom coaster tags, your recipients will be twice delighted: once upon receiving a gift, and once again when they see your quirky gift tag!

Coaster gift tag
DIY Christmas gifts