DIY 4th of July Ribbon Flag

2 Jul

Planning your 4th of July celebration and looking for some simple DIY patriotic decor? This ribbon flag is festive, easy to make and adorably reminiscent of the American flag. Plus, fireworks-free, it is child safe and will help you avoid any firework violations. Complement your neighborhood cookout with USA themed decor to impress guests in every detail!

4th of july ribbon flag DIY decorations

All you need for this ribbon American flag is red, white and navy blue ribbon, a bit of twine, and a small wooden pole. Add dimension to your flag by using ribbon of different widths, lengths and even material! We think the touch of some lace ribbon gives the perfect texture. And how perfect is the USA foil stamped ribbon!

4th of july DIY decorations

USA Ribbon Flag Step One

Tie your twine to both sides of the poll at whatever length you’d like your hanger to be. You may want to scope out where you plan to hang your ribbon flag to know what length is best.

USA Ribbon Flag Step Two

Hang the poll from somewhere, like a chair back, that is a helpful height for tying the ribbon. Then, start with your red and white ribbon, tying all the way across in alternating colors. Use the larks head knot for tying the ribbon. Get creative with how often you alternate between the red and white! Depending on your ribbon width, you may want to do more or less strands before switching. Just keep an image of the American flag in mind!

larks head knot

USA Ribbon Flag Step Three

Next, tie in your blue ribbon at the top right corner. You’ll want to be sure this ribbon is significantly shorter to create the blue square on the American flag that represents the 50 United States.

USA Ribbon Flag Step Four

Lastly, if you need to, trim your ribbon to your preferred length. Hang from your desired spot, and there you have it—an easy 4th of July DIY party decoration that is quick and you can reuse year after year.

Pro party host tip: use any extra ribbon and wooden polls to make festive streamer sticks. Kids will love waving them in the neighborhood 4th of July parade or in the backyard as they watch the fireworks show.

fourth of july kid activity



Larks head knot diagram c/o The Melted Popsicle