Custom Coasters at Your Wedding Reception

14 Jan

On your wedding day, after the vows are made and you’ve enjoyed your first kiss as a married couple, your reception is truly time to celebrate! Your wedding reception is the party of parties and the place you can exhale and simply enjoy the celebration! Congratulations! 

As you plan this culminating event, that is simultaneously such a beautiful beginning, you will, of course, want your wedding reception to be infused with personal, unique details! There are endless ways to curate your wedding reception atmosphere, from florals to photos to the menu. Personalized wedding accessories are an excellent way to add your personal touch, too. Custom cocktail napkins and personalized wedding cups are obvious choices, but one fun layer of personalization that we are loving right now is custom coasters at your wedding reception.

Custom Coasters Add a Layer of Personalization to Your Wedding Reception

Custom Coasters at Your Wedding Reception

Ultimately practical, but endlessly personalize-able, custom coasters are a fabulous option for adding your unique touch to your wedding reception. For Your Party has classic shapes like round and square coasters, as well as a scalloped, hexagon and even more! Sturdy, yet gorgeous, our foil stamping looks amazing on custom wedding coasters. Full color photo coasters are a great option, too, and for something luxurious we also have leather. Whatever your wedding reception design may be, there are personalized wedding coasters to coordinate with your curated look. 

Personalize the Wedding Bar with Recipe Coasters

Give your wedding bar a boost of personalization with custom coasters! If you’re serving a signature cocktail, why not print a recipe coaster for a clever and useful wedding favor? Everyone who loved sipping your signature cocktail will totally enjoy recreating it at home, following the recipe on such a darling memento! It’s functional, sentimental and adds to your wedding reception décor. You cant’ lose!

Signature Cocktail Recipe Coasters are a Great Addition to Your Wedding Bar

Full Color Coasters as Keepsake Wedding Favors

Our full color photo coasters are a fantastic wedding favor, especially with a note of gratitude foil stamped upon that lovely photo. Vibrant, colorful photo coasters are totally eyecatching as they are scattered on your various reception tables. What better way to personalize your wedding reception than by adding beautiful full color coasters?

Ornament Coasters as Holiday Wedding Keepsakes

Getting married around the holidays? Our ornament coasters make great holiday wedding keepsakes. The shape is lovely for use as a proper coaster, but with a bit of ribbon and a sturdy hole-puncher, you can DIY it into an actual ornament! Display your custom designed ornament coasters near the wedding reception exit for your guests to pick one before they head out for the night. Who knows, maybe they’ll hang your wedding favor ornament for years to come?! You certainly will!

Custom coasters are a great personalized addition to your wedding reception! You’ll love the way they accentuate your colors and décor. Get started designing your custom wedding coasters today!