Creative Ideas for Disposable Baby Shower Party Supplies

10 May

Hosting a baby shower for a relative or dear friend is always an exciting honor. Not only do you get to love on the guest of honor, but also the little one on the way! There are so many tips and tricks for hosting a wonderful baby shower—here's one way to present your shower party supplies with flair. 

Disposable baby shower party supplies

First, note the many great reasons why using disposable party supplies at your baby shower is a great idea: 
1. Easy cleanup—let's be real, this is always #1 on our list.
2. All the color options. Buying paper party supplies really makes it easy to find accessories that will match your baby shower theme. 
3. You can personalize! Here at For Your Party, disposable party supplies mean the opportunity to personalize your party napkins, cups, favors and more with a beautiful foil stamp or digital print that features your theme, the baby's name, momma's name and even more colors from your palette.
4.  Save some money. Who here wants to buy cloth napkins for 50 people? Get more bang for your buck with personalized disposable party supplies. They'll add to your theme but also leave the budget for decor, food and favors. 
5. Show off your host creativity. Be the hostess with the mostest by using creative ideas that make your disposable baby shower products an adorable addition to the party. 

Baby shower party supplies presentation with flair

About that host creativity—consolidate your shower supplies for each guest in one cup to set at each table setting or even as an easy grab at the end of a buffet line. Start with a personalized cup, then gather the contents of each baby shower meal "starter kit." Plasticware, a themed luncheon napkin, cute straw tag and even a sweet treat make the perfect combination. Not only are these stuffed cups super useful, they are a totally adorable way to present your disposable party supplies! Guests will be snapping pictures before they disassemble so that they can use this great idea for their next event.  

baby shower cups