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Count Down Our 5 Best Selling Custom Can Coolers

9 Oct 2023

What’s cooler than being cool? Custom can coolers! These custom koozies have been a mainstay of ours for some time and are a great addition to any party or event. As wedding koozies, they give your wedding a little dose of fun; they also work great for a birthday party, retirement or anything else you can imagine. So join us as we go through our top 5 best selling custom can cooler designs.

Custom Can Coolers

5. Swirl It Up

Coming in at number five is our Stacked and Swirled custom can cooler. This wedding koozie is a standby design, and you’ve probably seen it on our coordinating cocktail napkins. We like it because it puts the names front and center in the classic Trajan font, with just enough ornamentation to keep things interesting. It’s a wedding classic for a reason!

stacked and swirled custom can cooler

4. Visit the Hinterland...

Up next at number four is our Hinterland Honeymoon custom can cooler. This is a trendy pick that’s only been getting hotter (colder?) since we released it, and goes great with the rest of our Hinterland Honeymoon collection. We think that the subtle date on the back of this wedding koozie makes this a great memento of your special day.

Hinterland Honeymoon Custom Can Cooler

3. ...Or Somewhere Warmer

Our third best-selling custom can cooler is from our Destination Mexico collection. These have been on fire ever since they came out earlier this year. Your initials make a bold statement, and the fonts and illustration tie it all together in a retro-chic package that’s just so trendy. We’re a fan of the classic ivory-and-sage look, but this custom koozie looks great in a variety of combinations, so get creative! Explore the rest of the Destination Mexico collection for a coordinated look on your wedding day.

destination mexico custom can cooler

2. Have a Party

Our second most popular custom can cooler is a classic—it’s our Till Death Do Us Party can cooler. This design has been a fan favorite for the past few years and it’s easy to see why. The modern design features a cheeky phrase and can be customized with your name and the date of your event. This wedding koozie is perfect for the party animal couple and will be an unforgettable favor for your guests.

till death do us party custom can cooler

1. And The Winner Is...

Drum roll, please! Our best-selling wedding koozie of all is our Bold We Do Names custom can cooler! “We do” is a perfect wedding message, and this custom koozie has all the information—names, date, location—in an elegantly minimal package. This is one that manages to look great with any wedding’s color scheme or decor. Try it in black and white for the most formal affairs, or with a bright color combination for something more casual—this wedding koozie does it all.

bold we do names custom can cooler

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Of course, these are just five of our custom can cooler designs. Check out our full selection to see what speaks to you, and tag us on socials to show off your designs in action!

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