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Cocktail Competition Ideas

20 Mar 2023

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At For Your Party, we aren’t afraid of a little healthy competition. Especially when it involves making a cocktail! We recently had an office showdown to see who can shake up the best drink and design a stunning recipe card. The competition was as stiff as a good drink. At your next event (or special night in) try these cocktail competition ideas and let us know what your winner is!

Cocktail Competition Ideas

1) Blushing Bee's Knees

Fun Fact: Jessica, the bartender and our product development manager, will be serving this as her signature cocktail at her wedding this Summer!

Download the recipe

blushing bee's knees drink
recipe card for bee's knees cocktail

2) Strawberry Soju Cocktail

Fun fact: Soju is like vodka but with less alcohol content (but more than wine and beer!). “It’s a great substitute in cocktails if you’re not into the intensity of regular vodka,” suggests Mai Lo, our lead marketing designer. 

Download the recipe

strawberry soju cocktail
strawberry soju recipe card

3) Negroni Sbagliato

“A negroni sbagliato usually subs out gin for prosecco, but I said what the heck, why not both,” our Art Director Faith said of her cocktail. 

Download the recipe

negroni sbagliato recipe competition ideas
negroni sbagliato recipe card

4) Cantarito

The grand prize winner! Anna, a talented mixologist and production designer, said, “I knew I wanted to do tequila and cantaritos are pretty refreshing because of the fruit juices, so I figured it would be a solid choice.” The judges unanimously agreed! 

Download the recipe

Cantarito cocktail competition idea
cantarito recipe card

Stir Up Some Fun

Try these cocktail competition ideas at your next event! This interactive activity would be a perfect at a bachelorette party, birthday, or weekend get together with your friends. It will give everyone an opportunity to be creative and of course get to sip some delicious beverages!

Whatever event you are planning, custom party favors will enhance your night. Serve your cocktail in a custom cup and delight your guests with the thoughtful personalized detail. 

Cocktail Competition Ideas
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