Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - What to give to your boss, coworkers or employees

6 Dec

Christmas gift giving and receiving between coworkers, bosses and employees is a layer to our holiday seasons that can be, how shall we say it...difficult, at times. We want to remember our work comrades in our gifting, but it’s not always easy to decide on an appropriate gift. Or, perhaps you have found yourself in the office gift exchange, but are fresh out of office gift exchange ideas! This year, at For Your Party, we launched some fresh Christmas gift ideas for coworkers, bosses and employees to help streamline your shopping experience. Gift sets and party boxes for the win this year!

designer curated "hello" powder room gift set

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Give your coworkers a gift they’ll really love with one of our newest gift boxes- powder room gift sets and Insta Party gift boxes. With a variety of styles, you’re sure to find something that your work pals will love. Your travel-loving coworker will totally appreciate our Hello powder room gift set, with cheery greetings in multiple languages stamped on guest towels, and a fresh smelling Paddywax candle. Your coworker who is always aiming to be the hostess with the most-est will love having one of our Insta Party gift sets on hand for a spontaneous prosecco party. #yesplease You’ll be the darling of the office gift exchange! Fun, festive and still totally useful, our gift sets will leave your coworkers so pleased with the gift they receive.

designer curated Inspirational wine gift set

Gift Ideas for Bosses

Choosing a gift for your boss feel intimidating, even when your work relationship is totally positive. A designer curated gift set may be exactly what you need to check your superior off your Christmas list! Our wine gift sets are a great option, and available in 3 different styles. For a boss that loves a clever play on words, try the boozy wine set with cocktail napkins that say “wine not?” and “wait a prosecco.” For the boss that is always positive and encouraging, the inspirational wine set offers 60 cocktail napkins with 3 different welcoming phrases, along with a lovely mercury glass wine stopper. You can feel confident giving one of these fabulous gift sets for Christmas this year! They are sure to please.

custom designed pillow gift box

Gift Ideas for Employees

Warm up your corporate Christmas gift giving plans by adding personalized packaging from For Your Party. Does your company give gift cards to your employees for Christmas? Upgrade the standard envelope gifting with our custom pillow party favor boxes-- perfectly sized for gift cards! You’ll love how the extra touch of custom designed packaging takes a gift that can be a bit mundane and makes it much warmer and more inviting.

Don’t let your Christmas gift list put you at risk of feeling all bah-humbug this year! Instead, take a moment to browse our gift sets to find the perfect options for the people on your list today!