Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for the People Who Have *Everything*

26 Nov

Do you have a Christmas gift list a mile long, with a threatening cloud of “ba-humbug” about adding more potential clutter in a “too much stuff” world? Do you feel like affordable Christmas gifts are like a holiday unicorn — impossible to find!? You’re not alone! We all know that friend (or, ahem, *are* that friend) who has just too much stuff, but we also can’t bear to skip gift giving all together. What to do?! This year, we can all use a few fresh and thoughtful gift ideas for useful gifts that won’t end up taking up valuable real estate in our lives for too long!

Holiday Insta Party Set

Give “Disappearing” Gifts!

One Christmas gift idea to try this year is challenging yourself to give mostly consumable gifts this year, i.e. gifts that can be enjoyed by your recipient but then used up. A fun way to think about these types of presents is as “disappearing gifts.” Delicious smelling candles, tasty treats, bath salts, etc., are all classic examples of disappearing gifts. The best consumable Christmas gifts are useful gifts that your friends and family can enjoy, but when it’s used up, there isn’t a trace of clutter to be found. Here at For Your Party, we added a fresh new options in the useful gifts category this year with our fabulous Insta Party gift sets, wine gift sets and powder room gift sets. Gorgeous designer curated items packaged together in a holiday gift set are sure to please, and many of the options leave no trace of clutter once they’ve been enjoyed.

wine accessories to put on a bar cart and to give as gifts for wine lovers

Follow your instinct to give gifts that will be savored, enjoyed and used up! You’ll feel better about giving a gift that won’t end up as sentimental clutter, and your friends and family will totally enjoy your gift AND how it disappears.

Curated Powder Room Gift Set