Chia Habte Real Wedding

25 Jan

When Chia Habte married her longtime love, Timothy DeLaGhetto, fans and followers were on the edge of their seats, er, YouTube apps, to see what their wedding day would hold! So much of their life and love is chronicled online, and their wedding was no exception. Of course, it was gorgeous, beachfront, well-appointed and classy. Annnd of course, with Tim being the funnyman that he is, there was plenty of humor and fun woven into their day through their wedding décor.

Chia Habte Cake Cutting Photo

From custom designed fans personalized with Chia and Tim’s faces to hysterical 80’s style portraits of the couple in matching striped pajamas on display at the reception, the comedic touches invited their guests into the their world, like they were all in on the same joke. #wellplayed

Chia Habte Wedding Donut Bar

Chia’s personalized wedding accessories were another way that the couple added meaning, and a bit of humor, to their wedding day. Their custom wedding cocktail napkins featured their favorite fan art (9 different designs!) with clever puns the couple came up with like “donut ever leave me” and “on cloud wine.” Their cocktail napkins, wedding gift bags, guest towels and coasters were all crisp white paper with gorgeous glossy gold foil stamping.

Chia Habte Custom Cocktail Napkins

Chia and Tim’s wedding was, most of all, a party! Guests raved about how it was the most lit wedding they’ve ever attended! With the mic never too far from the Tim’s hand, plus both live music and DJing, the result was simultaneously a fabulous party and still an intimate, personal event. Plus, they had an In-and-Out food truck pull up for late night snacks!

If you are in the midst of wedding planning details, let Chia’s wedding be an inspiration to you of how much freedom you have in personalizing your wedding day. Details, like custom cocktail napkins, are a perfect opportunity to showcase the unique things about you and your beloved!

Chia Habte Real Wedding Reception Photo


photography by Nat Wongsaroj