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31 Aug

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August 31, 2017
FYP Products: Personalized Product

"If you plan to have personalized goods made for your wedding, make sure to allow for enough time for it to be made. "The obvious perk of this is that they are made just for you," says Sari Mintz of For Your Party. "While this is simply the best in all of its unique glory, it does mean that a longer production time is typically needed to get your fabulous products to your door. Allow plenty of between ordering and your party!"

See Sari's tip on Bridal Guide.

Bridal Guide Tip Personalized Product

Justin and Becca's Desert Song Palm Springs Wedding


FYP Products: Cocktail Napkins

Envisioning a theme that mirrored the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the bride and groom went with a palette of warm desert hues layered with romantic and whimsical details. The theme was supplemented with the Parker Palm’s desert-glam decor and stunning grounds. Lush, blooming garlands of desert-themed flowers and succulents adorned the tables. For more from this gorgeous real wedding!

We Are Married cocktail napkins at a the dessert table!

20+ Face Masks for Your Wedding

September 12, 2020
FYP Products: "Hitched!" 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Don't forget about your guests! Stock up on disposable masks that are much cuter than the standard surgical pick. Make your wedding VIPs feel even more special with personalized masks. 

Our "Hitched" wedding face masks!

How to Host a Socially Distanced Wedding

November 25, 2020

FYP Products: 3-ply Disposable Face Masks
When you first envisioned your wedding day, we're sure face masks were not a part of that picture... but now is the time to embrace it! Masks have come a long way from the surgical disposables. With so many pretty options out there, it's become yet another fun accessory you get to shop for. You can also order custom-printed disposables for your guests. 

Guests in masks are the best kind of guests!