Bachelorette Tea Party Ideas

4 Feb

Not all bride-to-bes want a bachelorette party that is a big, rollicking event, and that is totally ok! Having a bachelorette party that you will enjoy is more important than following a traditional plan or feeling like you need to give your guests the stereotypical experience. For a more laid back bachelorette party, why not try a non-traditional bachelorette party idea like a bachelorette tea party?

personalized bachelorette party tea favor

A bachelorette tea party is a great option for a low key, but still totally celebratory event. It can be held during the day, if you’d like, and can easily be added to your wedding weekend if you have important guests who won’t be coming into town until the big day. And, let’s be honest, not having to worry about your bridesmaids (or you!) nursing hangovers after the bachelorette party has major benefits.

custom designed bachelorette party cocktail napkins

There are plenty of great ways to personalize a non traditional bachelorette party, from designer party balloons to personalized cocktail napkins to custom bachelorette party cups. Your custom party accessories can be designed to match your bachelorette party decorations, and the customization options are endless! And, of course, don’t forget our personalized tea favors! What better way to customize your bachelorette tea party than with personalized bachelorette party tea favors? Coordinate your custom designed paper cups for tea with your bachelorette party napkins with a design that you love.

color frost flex plastic bachelorette party cups

Embrace the kind of bachelorette party you want to have! So relax and sip some tea with your nearest and dearest for a fabulous low-key alternative bachelorette party!

custom designed bachelorette party cocktail napkin