Babe Bash - Tiki Themed Bachelorette Party!

30 Jul

Getting Tiki With It!

By FYP Art Director Dianna

custom designed koozie for tiki themed bachelorette party

Best recipe for a perfect babe bash:

• rooftop tiki party with homemade tiki cocktails

• classic bach pantie game

• tiki decor and custom babe bash merch

• the babe of honor, the bride, and her best pals to celebrate.


Jai's getting married! Summer in Chicago is a special time with sun, lake views, great food joints and being reunited friends. What better time and place to celebrate our fave bride-to-be?! Team bride showered our pal with a classic Tiki party. We love tiki, I mean, who doesn't?! 
We staged the scene at the Hotel Palomar in downtown Chicago. We could bring our own tiki cocktails and catered taco lunch on to the rooftop and we decorated with flamingos, coconut statues, tiki drink charms and, of course, custom napkins and koozies. We mixed variations of classic Painkiller and Jungle Bird cocktails and paired them with a on a fun ombre napkin I created at with a custom stamped design.

tiki themed bachelorette party ombre napkins
tiki babe bash with plenty of lounging

Tiki Bachelorette Party Panty Game

It's not a bach party without a fun and sexy panty game - even better when shots are involved. We all brought a pair of underwear (new, and in the bride's size) meant to represent the giver. For the game, we combined all pairs in one gift bag. The bride pulled a pair out, one at a time, and had to guess who purchased the pair. If she guessed correctly, the purchaser took a shot - and if she was wrong, the bride takes a shot. 

The gamble was also in the drinks - only half contained booze, and the rest were fakes. The risk of the bride taking 7 shots in 10 mins was high- so we chose to dilute waterhole. We aren't monsters ;) 

tiki themed bachelorette party on Chicago rooftop
tiki themed bachelorette party panty game

We drank and relaxed, then dined at the Chicago's popular Three Dots and a Dash Tiki bar. And ended the night in a relaxing river boat cruise with to watch the city fireworks.

tiki themed bachelorette party night out
tiki themed bachelorette party fireworks scene

Tiki Bachelorette Party Favors

Even adults need party favors! We found this adorable printed bags “just in queso” and swapped out the traditional bridal veil and sash for these more keepsake enamel pins that read bride and babe. I designed some babe heart koozies to match and filled the rest of the bag with fun sunglasses, eye masks, advil, and antacids. The essentials.

custom designed tiki bachelorette party favor bags

Thank you for being a friend, Jai Pie. We heart you, and can't wait to celebrate your (and Dom's) big day!