Arch Invitations Are Here!

13 Jun

When it comes to planning an event, few things are as important as the invitation. A good invitation should give a guest all the important details of an event—think the who, what, where, when—but it should also convey a bit of your own style. That’s where our customized arch invitations come in. We want to give you as many options as possible to express yourself and your event to your guest list. Ultimately, a guest should be able to tell that an invitation came from you!

stack of seven arch invitations on a taupe floral background

Why Arches?

If you’ve searched for just about anything wedding-related on social media recently, you’ll know that arches are red hot right now. We love them because they combine the practicality (and easy envelope fit) of classic rectangular invites with the fun of circular invitations. The combination of curved and straight sides opens these invitations up to a ton of different possibilities. Our team of wonderful designers have been working hard to put together some gorgeous templates—get started with those, or check out our to take things in your own direction!

Stack of three wedding arch invitations with an orange flower


Part of what makes the arch format so alluring is its versatility. Because the arch itself lends the invitation a subtle decorative element, these work great with thoughtful, minimalist text layouts. Sans serif fonts, simple lines, and spaced text will make these invites shine. As they say, less is more!

If you’re going with less decoration, a brighter or textured paper is also a great way to go. Try a cool teal printed on a warm orange or red for a retro southwestern look, or a white printed on a bright yellow for a bash at the height of summer. There’s so much room to get creative with these, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

A teal minimal arch invitation on a picnic table with a pen

…Or Maximalist

If minimalism doesn’t do the trick for you, these arch invitations have your back. Traditional script flourishes, detailed crests, and lots of detail look stunning with our foil printing. The same arch that works so well in a minimal style also frames illustrations or monograms in maximalist layouts. For events with classic style, or even when you have a lot of information you need to get across, our arch invitations are a great choice.

maximalist arch invitation

Get Designing! 

Formal or informal, our arch invitations will add a trendy touch to your next event. In addition to the classic weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorettes, these invites work beautifully for graduations, birthdays, and more. Go all out or stay minimal in our customizer. Just express yourself!