5 Things to Do with Dad This Father's Day

14 Jun

Time to celebrate dad! Whether your Father's Day is about spending time with dad, remembering dad or celebrating someone else’s dad, make it a point to show your gratitude towards the father figure in your life. 

This is when you remember the Saturdays your dad stood outside of shopping stores selling Girl Scout Cookies or dressed up like Santa for all the kids in the neighborhood. So now, it’s your turn! Here are a few special ways to celebrate Father's Day this weekend that don’t involve too much planning or cash, but are meaningful and memorable.

For Dads Who'd Rather Be Outside
Is dad into nature, being active or relaxing on the lake? A simple but meaningful way to spend time with dad is to enjoy being outside together doing what he loves—something like fishing, a bike ride or hike.

For Dads with a Sweet Tooth
Map out the hottest local donut stores or bakeries, get the family together and do a donut crawl. Share a few donuts in each place and pick your new favorite spot. Go for fun and laughs—and avoid stomach aches by just sampling!

For Dads Who Like Games
Spend the afternoon enthralled in a board game marathon, putting together a friendly competition with your family. Card games or board games are a great quality time activity that you're sure to share a few laughs over.

For Techie Dads
If your dad's a computer buff, check out savvy tech shops in your area or a bookshop. Starting a new documentary exploring these topics is another great way to spend time together, and is sure to give you something to talk about over dinner!

For the Movie Buff Dad
End the day with dinner and movie. Whether it's his favorite classic or a recent blockbuster hit, let dad pick the title. Pop some fresh popcorn, sit back and relax together with a good film.

When it comes down to it, Father's Day is really all about love and creating precious memories. Whatever you end up doing, as long as you're doing it together dad is sure to appreciate the thought and enjoy the day.