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5 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Brunch Party

9 Aug 2018

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Are you eager to try a little something different for the next party you throw? Try mixing it up, turning the schedule of events upside down and throwing a brunch party! The options for personalization are endless, and a mid-morning brunch party definitely has a certain charming appeal. With flexible menus, great drink options, and an excuse to stay home later that night, brunch parties are a great choice for hosts and hostesses that want to offer something a bit different to their party guests.

brunch custom place cards
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1) Brunch parties are a fresh and fabulous way to mix up your party routines!

Hosting a brunch party on a Saturday or Sunday morning is a great way to change up your party planning routine. New menu and drink options and fun themed party favors can give your brunch party planning a fresh sense of possibility and a creative boost. All the fun personalized options are still available to you, like custom place cards, personalized brunch napkins, custom favor boxes and custom stir sticks, so your hosting can still be on point.

You might find party venues more readily available for brunch parties, but the best venue to book for your brunch party ideas might be your own home! Why spend your brunching time at a predictable coffee shop or breakfast diner on a weekend morning when you could be nestled at your own home, having a brunch party for the ages, complete with cute napkins and handlettered brunch party favor boxes?!

personalized party favor boxes with donuts

2) Brunch parties are cozy clothes friendly!

Throw on your beautiful new kimono style robe and don your sheepskin slippers, because brunch parties can capitalize on cozy! If you’re looking for a fun way to make your brunch party memorable, a brunch time pajama party may be the brunch party idea you are looking for. Even though the apparel is super comfy and casual, you can still lay out a gorgeous tablescape complete with custom place cards and cute napkins!

If you are brunching at home, let the creative juices flow as you decide the layout of your brunch party. Why dine at the dinner table when a long, low table on the patio, complete with luxurious floor pillows for lounging is an option? Strings of cafe lights, flickering candles, vibrant tablecloths and extravagant decor can be added to transport your party guests quickly to brunch time relaxation mode.

3) Brunch parties have super flexible menu options!

In a world where food allergies and strict health diets can throw a damper on your party guests’ experience, a simple brunch party menu may be exactly what your guests need to be able to relax and enjoy, rather than scour the ingredient lists for a complex menu, struggling to find an option that works for them. Delicious brunch foods offered on an a la carte buffet give everyone the freedom to build their own brunch plate according to their specific needs. Living with limited food options can be challenging, so practice next level hospitality by thinking through simple ways that you can offer foods that cater to your guests’ needs.

Many traditional brunch foods can be made gluten free or lower in sugar, yet still be a delicious buffet option that all of your guests may enjoy. Plus, brunch food can easily be served a la carte, allowing your egg-averse friend to skip the quiche and head straight for the sweet potato hash browns without compromising the quality of her meal. Fruit or donut kabobs on custom stir sticks, individual mini frittatas and bacon baked in maple syrup (try it!) can each delight your guests’ taste buds, all while giving them the freedom they need to adapt the offerings to their unique dietary restrictions.

brunch is always the answer cocktail napkin with donut kebobs

4) Brunch Parties have totally fun drink options!

Drinking before noon has a certain celebratory feel to it and the drink options are really delicious! Your brunch party bar options are sure to please your party guests. From a classic bloody mary or mimosa to offering a delicious little something to stir into their coffee, your guests will enjoy morning drinking in style at your brunch party! Add personalized brunch napkins to your party accessories that have a clever phrase like “hostess with the mimosa-est!” to give your morning cocktails a special splash of personalization.

Stocking a drink making station with hot coffee and tea, sparkling water and a few fresh juices, even your guests who skip the mimosas will still have a great variety of drink choices. With a convenient self-serve drink station, your guests can create their drinks according to their taste and refill as they need it.

brunch mimosas
hostess with the mimosa-est cocktail napkins

5) Brunch Parties have great party favor options!

Highlight the fact that your guests’ evening can be quiet and cozy, since the partying wrapped up by 1 p.m. instead of 1 a.m. by giving “a night at home pass” or “homebody’s dream” themed party favor bags with items that complete a perfect night at home. Bath salts and an individual bottle of prosecco, a special hand lettering pen with some cards for practicing, or even a tiny embroidery kit are all great options for a party favor that celebrates your guests’ freedom to stay home!

Or, send your guests home with full bellies and something tasty in their custom favor box with a “no need for dinner” theme! Offer some savory snacks, trail mix and La Croix, or a small jar of olives with red wine to get them through the night after such a delicious mid-day meal. You could even design hand lettered custom party favor boxes for people to take home some leftovers for late night snacking.

Brunch parties are a fun way to kick off a weekend day, letting you and your guests celebrate and still have plenty of daylight left to relax. Your guests will enjoy having a new option in the party scene, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the planning and hosting of such a unique event. Take our brunch party ideas and run with the ones that you like—soon you’ll be cheers-ing with a mimosa in one hand and a personalized brunch napkin in the other!

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