5 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Using Note Cards

20 May

In our instant communication, e-vite world, it can be hard not to get a teensy bit wistful for the intentional written communication methods of days gone by. Here at For Your Party, we think that personalized notes written to say “thank you” or even simply “thinking of you” are still the real deal! Of course, wedding invitations are one of the last holdouts, it seems, for the value of eye-catching, gorgeous mail.

Alas, even Emily Post and Co.’s most recent reference book is available in digital and audio book format. Times have changed, but let’s be honest, there’s always a time and place for a handwritten note. A thanks expressed via iMessage just doesn’t have the same resonance that a pretty custom printed notecard, written and mailed by the person wanting to thank you. With this in mind, we’ve compiled 5 reasons we should all still be using custom note cards!

custom printed note cards with foil

1) Custom Note Cards Offer a Personal Touch

Maybe one day in the future, humankind won’t remember hand-written communication, but until then, we firmly believe that there is still a place for custom printed note cards in our world. It’s more personal, and a bit nostalgic in the best of ways. Of course, having a stash of custom printed note cards and envelopes on hand is the first step toward re-kindling your handwritten card skills!

2) You Can Create Your Own Unique Personalized Stationery

Personalized notecards aren’t just simple monogrammed stationery these days (not that we don’t love a gorgeous monogram!). The colors and designs available for personalized stationery is expansive! It’s easy to create your own notecards, plus the option to order note cards online is a real time saver. You get to choose your note card size, color, design, foil stamp color and even envelope color, all with a few simple steps!

3) Everyone Loves Snail Mail!

Be honest, when you see something lovely and hand addressed in your stack of mail that isn’t a bill or a catalogue, you catch your breath a little. Something happens! We all love to receive beautiful mail. Contribute to those small moments of happiness among your friends and family by sending more personalized note cards and custom thank you cards.

4) Writing Custom Note Cards is Self Care

Imagine this: a quiet moment, a warm beverage of your choice, your favorite type of pen and a stack of lovely personalized stationery. This is the potential setting of some pretty sweet self care. Taking a moment to slow down and pen a few lines to a far away (or not so far away) friend is a way you can actually tend to yourself, too, as well as brighten their day.

5) You Can Coordinate Your Thank You Cards With Your Theme

Already sending wedding invitations or baby announcements?! Perfect! Design your custom thank you cards or a set of personalized note cards to coordinate with your colors and theme! You can totally choose a look that is an echo of your invitations or announcements. Plus, if you align with your colors or theme in a subtle way, any leftover cards can be used for other purposes as well. Win/win!