5 Reasons Custom Matches Make the Perfect Party Favor

21 May

Searching for the perfect personalized party favor? Look no further than classic, yet so-exactly-right, custom designed matches. Personalized matches are endlessly customizable, yet remarkably affordable, collectible and useful. Plus, they pair well with a number of more elaborate party favors. You just might be surprised how perfectly customized matches will meet your party (and wedding!) favor goals.

Custom Matches are Endlessly Personalizable Party Favors

Personalized matches are a classic party favor, but your customization options here at For Your Party are far from just traditional. We offer a fantastic variety of shapes, sizes and color combinations so that your personalized matches can reflect your style and party theme. From sulfur-free cigar matches to full color photo matchboxes, you can find custom matches to fit your party favor needs, no problem.

It’s easy to design your personalized matches to complement your party favor plans with FYP. Include an on-trend graphic or clever phrase for a fun extra element of personalization (think peacock feathers or “cigars and whiskey, a perfect match!”). Or, opt for a glitter or watercolor paper finish with rose gold foil stamping to make your personalized party favor matches really pop!

cigars and whiskey, a perfect match party favor and cute peacock matches for peacock party favors

Custom Matches are Remarkably Affordable Party Favors

Party planning is a fun and creative process, but let’s be honest, the budget matters! Fortunately, gorgeous personalized matches can make super affordable party favors. You can design a look that is truly unique and memorable—and still stick to around 50 cents per custom matchbox! And don’t worry, because there is not a single custom match option at For Your Party that feels flimsy or cheap. Even our most affordable party favor matches are the highest quality. Not too concerned about the financials? On the upper end of the budget spectrum, our luxurious barrel matchboxes still stay well under the $3 price point, which many people consider very affordable for a personalized party favor.

custom luxurious match favors

Custom Matches Pair Well with Other Party Favors

Are you wanting to give a more elaborate party favor but stay true to your personalization goals? Pair custom designed matches with a beautifully scented candle or coveted high-end cigar. Your guests will be impressed with your attention to detail as they admire your custom designed matches that accompany their luxurious party favor. As your guests strike the match to enjoy your party favor in the comfort of their own home, their mind will be flooded with happy memories from your celebration. What better favor to give than one that will have your guests thinking of you and your event multiple times over after the party has ended!?

Custom Matches are Actually Useful Party Favors

A great thing about personalized matches as a party favor is that they are actually useful!  Of course, they are beautifully designed with a clever phrase or trendy graphic, but in the end, they’ll love receiving your personalized matches because they can put them to good use. Now, as they light their children’s birthday candles or their romantic dinner-for-two tapers, the wonderful memory of your celebration will resurface in their minds, too!

Depending on what type of party you are planning, personalized matches may be useful during the celebration as well. Whether it is a sparkler send-off to top off your wedding or a cigar bar to accompany your favorite sports party, you’ll find that personalized matches add the perfect unique detail while also meeting a practical need to light up the night!  

sparkler sleeves and match party favor for a party sparkler send off

Custom Matches are Totally Collectable Party Favors

For some of your guests, customized matchboxes are more than a party favor. They are a collectible! Matchbox collectors often have a large bowl or apothecary jar on display in their home with dozens, even hundreds, of matchbooks and matchboxes from their travels.  After your celebration, your personalized party favor matches will find their home among matches from all over the world. Matchbook collectors don’t just see matches when they admire their collection, they see experiences: their favorite French restaurant in Paris, a honky-tonk in Nashville, their most recent girls trip to the gulf, and now, your fabulous 30th birthday bash.

Custom party favor matches are an excellent party favor idea and are sure to be a crowd favorite! You will be so glad you made your personalized party favor ideas a reality when your custom matches arrive. The process of designing is easy and fun—create your custom party favor matches today!  

cute way to store match collection in apothecary jars




Barrel match image by Justine Bursoni Photography
Matchbox Apothecary jar collection image c/o The Chic Site