5 Graduation Party Ideas

18 Apr 2023

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Graduation season is here! Once the finals are done and the graduation cap has been decorated, it’s time to think about your next steps… how to celebrate! Big accomplishments deserve a big celebration. Luckily we have 5 Graduation Party ideas to make your grad party stand out from the rest.

Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Idea #1 - DIY Photo Booth 

Every party needs a good photo op! Create some memories by having your own personalized photo booth. This is a great way to get guests up and about and is super simple to make too! First, pick a backdrop. This can be curtains, wood panels, streamers, balloons, or whatever speaks to you. Then add some personal touches like a school banner, flowers, or a photo frame. If you want to get extra creative, you can have props ready for guests to use in their photos too. This graduation party idea will ensure that your celebration is picture-perfect and will create memories that will last a lifetime.

graduation party idea photo booth

Graduation Party Idea #2 - New City, New You Party Theme! 

There are so many things to get excited about once you graduate! One is that you may be moving to a new city. To get the grad excited to explore their new stomping ground, why not make it the party theme? Add some party details that feature all the sites of their new home! If they’re moving to Chicago, add some custom napkins with a deep-dish pizza slice and the bean! NYC? Add stir sticks featuring the Statue of Liberty and a Big Apple. Or go with a timeless idea and get them custom matchbooks stamped with their new apartment address for a housewarming gift they’ll want to keep for years to come. Whatever you decide, you can make it personal to them by creating it from scratch using our FYP Customizer!

Graduation Party Idea

Graduation Party Idea #3 - About The Graduate Trivia

With all the graduate’s closest friends and family all in one place, it begs the question, who knows them best? Play a fun game of Graduate Trivia using our custom game napkins to add a little friendly competition to your graduation party. Start off with some easy questions like “What is the graduate’s major?” or “What was the graduate’s favorite subject in school?” Then really test the crowd with more specific questions like “How many part-time jobs have they had?” or “What was their first car?” As a prize, hand out the graduate's favorite snacks, T-shirts from their alma mater, or gift cards to their favorite stores to the winner. This graduation party idea will get the crowd pumped up and even more excited to celebrate the graduate’s big accomplishment… Plus, who doesn’t love a game at a party?

personalized party favors for a graduation party

Graduation Party Idea #4 - Photo Book 

Take a walk down memory lane with a custom photo book. Add photos of the graduate with friends and family as a way to look back on all of the support they’ve had through this incredible journey! From baby pictures to childhood photos to the current day, this is a great way to look back on all the fond memories they’ve created thus far and will get them excited to create even more memories in the next chapter of their lives.

graduation party idea photo booth

Graduation Party Idea #5 - Personalized Party Favors

Make your graduation party stand out by adding a personal touch to every aspect of it from start to finish! Send guests home with something that will remind them of the grad (and the best graduation party ever thrown). Having an outdoor bash? Our custom can coolers are perfect for a hot summer day, and can be personalized to fit any theme! Add the graduate’s school, the year, or a fun design that represents them as a fun favor that guests can use over and over again! If the graduate has a sweet tooth, send guests home with their favorite sweet treat in our custom cookie bags for the perfect midnight snack.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this milestone in your life, we hope these 5 graduation party ideas help you make your celebration yours! Make sure to tag us in all your pictures from your grad bash @foryourparty on Instagram! Here at FYP, we’re so glad to be a part of the biggest days in your life.

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5 Graduation Party Ideas
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