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The 5 Best Selling Fun Fact Napkins from For Your Party

18 Sep 2023

In a world where parties and gatherings are a means to celebrate life's milestones, little details can make a big difference. Among those small but impactful things are custom napkins—yes, you heard that right! At For Your Party, we take your party supplies to a whole new level with our range of custom fun fact napkins. Not only do they elevate your event’s aesthetics, but they also serve as great conversation starters to get both sides of the aisle talking at your wedding, or help break the ice at a corporate event. Read on to discover the top 5 best-selling fun fact napkins from For Your Party that are trendy, informative, and utterly fabulous.

1. Modern Fun Fact Napkin

First on the list is the Modern Fun Fact Napkin. This napkin is not only our best selling fun fact napkin, but also the #1 best selling design on our site! A perfect blend of sleek design and intriguing facts, this napkins is an ideal choice for those who appreciate contemporary style. What makes it stand out is its clean, minimalistic lines combined with a dash of intriguing knowledge. Plus, you can fully personalize this napkin to match your party theme, making it all the more special!

Modern Fun Fact napkins

2. Classic Fun Fact Napkin

Up next, we have the Classic Fun Fact Napkin. This design is the quintessential choice for the traditionalists among us. Think classic fonts and a timeless layout that serves a dual purpose—usefulness and elegance. Like its modern counterpart, this too can be personalized down to the last detail. Add a number to your fun fact design so your guests know how many custom napkins are floating around your venue and ensure they read them all.

classic fun fact napkins

3. Fun Fact Conversation Starter Napkin

Do you want to spark interesting discussions around the table? The Fun Fact Conversation Starter Napkin is your go-to choice. While its predecessors on this list both feature a script font, this custom wedding napkin relies on san serif which gives it that modern and clean look. This napkin is designed to engage people in stimulating conversations. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, casual dinner party or planning your wedding day, this napkin will make sure there’s never a dull moment. Personalize it with your own selection of facts or questions, and let the conversations roll!

Fun Fact conversation starter Napkins

4. Two Truths and a Lie Napkin

If you're looking for a fun game and a napkin rolled into one, then the Two Truths and a Lie Napkin is a must-have. Each napkin contains two facts and a fib, creating an entertaining guessing game that will keep your guests engaged and laughing. This is a superb icebreaker and gets everyone in a light-hearted mood. And, of course, you can customize the truths and lies to fit your event.

Two Truths and a Lie Fun Fact Napkins

5. Short Fun Fact Napkin

Last but not least, the Short Fun Fact Napkin is perfect for those who prefer their wisdom in bite-sized pieces. This napkin is concise yet compelling, delivering intriguing facts in just a sentence or two. It’s excellent for cocktail parties or events where guests are mingling and moving around. Customization options are available here too, allowing you to add that personal touch.

Short Fun Fact Napkin

Put The U in Fun Fact 

There you have it—the top 5 best-selling fun fact napkins from For Your Party! Customizable, fashionable, and packed with knowledge, these napkins are the perfect addition to any gathering. They go beyond their basic utility to become focal points that invite interaction and enrich the party atmosphere. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Elevate your next event by personalizing our fabulous fun fact napkins!

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