2019 Wedding Trends

14 Jan

2019 is here and with it are tons of gorgeous wedding trends and ideas! If 2019 is your wedding year, you couldn’t be marrying at a better time. Endless fabulous ideas, both traditional and new, give you ample opportunities to make your day exactly how you want it! From fun new personalized details options to balloon installations to royally inspired trends, the 2019 wedding forecast is looking absolutely beautiful.  

Royal Wedding West Door Floral Installation

2019 Royal Wedding Inspiration

It should come as no surprise that Meghan and Harry's royal wedding in 2018 will be an inspiration to brides for years to come. Extravagant floral arches and installation, that incredible cello music, the gorgeous, tiered lemon elderflower wedding cake… we could go on and on. And of course, her sleek, modern, yet so royal wedding dress(es) will definitely influence the next several wedding seasons.

Gorgeous Balloon Installation by Vroom Vroom Balloon Co.

Bring on the Wedding Balloon Installations

Have you noticed that balloons are having a moment? We’re not talking about the balloon arch at your high school gym dance of days gone by. We’re talking about fantastic, elaborate balloon installations. The huge, yet whimsical effect that balloon installations deliver to doorways, in focal point areas in a reception hall, or above a long farm-style table setting is truly fantastic. 

smoke bomb wedding exit

2019 Wedding Twists on the Traditional

No need to reinvent the wheel, folks, but this year we will see a lot of fun twists on traditional aspects of a wedding day. One of our favorites is the smoke bomb exit. This fun, brightly colored and exciting exit strategy is sure to catch on. It is a great daytime wedding option, when the full effect of the colors can be fully appreciated.

Another fresh take on traditional wedding elements are “experiential” celebrations, such as extended bachelor/ette parties or even lavish rehearsal dinners are more and more common. This could be in a classic destination wedding, or by vamping up your wedding weekend in town with special locations and experiences (think wedding staycation). These celebrations take the rehearsal dinner and have it on a lavish boat, or set a bachelor party at a nearby (or not so nearby) ski lodge. In a day and age where our nearest and dearest may not actually be so near, and travel is required to share our milestone moments, like marriage, making the wedding weekend more like a vacation is a great trend to get on board with.

Bitmoji Wedding Cocktail Napkin from For Your Party

Unique and Personalized Wedding Details

Of all the trends we’re seeing for 2019, unique personalization is a major theme. Weddings are more and more (and more and more) about being a reflection of the couple, and less about tradition, what’s trending or what's expected. This may be brought to fruition with a theme reflects the shared tastes of the bride and groom and encompasses the whole wedding day ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Game of Thrones #yesreally.

A couple of details along these lines include handwritten notes (aka place cards) specific to each guest. This takes the traditional place card and upgrades it to a precious keepsake—equally thoughtful and brilliant. You'll most likely see these at smaller, more intimate receptions (back to that point on experiential weddings). 

A playful and definitely trending personalization we're also seeing a lot of is the bitmoji (or caricature) wedding cocktail napkin. What could be cuter than having your bitmojis, in wedding attire no less, on your cocktail napkins?! If that’s too informal for your reception meal, consider using your bitmoji cocktail napkins at your wedding bar and using a coordinating, but more traditional, wedding napkin at the tables.

Personalized Wedding Place Setting photo by Tec Pateja

Whatever you are dreaming about for your wedding day, 2019 holds some fantastic options for you! If you are more trendy or traditional, simple or over the top, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for this wedding season!

floral installation photo by Getty Images via Town and Country
balloon installation photo by Rosie Bronson, balloons by Vroom Vroom Balloon
smoke bomb exit photo by Jessica Hunt via The Knot
personalized place card photo by Tec Pateja  via Martha Stewart